Joshua Matthew Elliott Veterinary License

Joshua Matthew Elliott is health care provider licensed by Washington State Department of Health. The credential number is VT60030031. The credential type is Veterinary License. The license status is ACTIVE.

Joshua Matthew Elliott · Veterinary License

Credential Number VT60030031
Last Name Elliott
First Name Joshua
Middle Name Matthew
Credential Type Veterinary License
Birth Year 1974
Continuing Education Due Date 20180623
First Issue Date 20080717
Last Issue Date 20160526
Expiration Date 20170623
Action Taken No

Veterinary License · Health Care Provider

Credential Number Name Credential Type Status Birth Year
VT00006111 April L Weber-boharski Veterinary License ACTIVE 1962
VT60678295 Gregory Gerard Ferrick Jr Veterinary License ACTIVE 1985
VT00003813 Stuart L Spencer Veterinary License ACTIVE 1960
VT00004641 Michael G Paros Veterinary License ACTIVE 1966
VT60562693 Lauren Elizabeth Neidig Veterinary License ACTIVE 1987
VT00007053 Wendy Eileen Mollat Veterinary License ACTIVE 1973
VT00002351 Sheryl L Mcdevitt Veterinary License ACTIVE 1953
VT00008933 Kathryn E Weinrauch Veterinary License ACTIVE 1982
VT00008272 Diane R Forbes Veterinary License ACTIVE 1957
VT00005691 Nathanial Tosh Stewart Veterinary License ACTIVE 1972
VT00004979 Daniel Valdis Lejnieks Veterinary License ACTIVE 1967
VT00003796 Cynthia C M Smith Veterinary License ACTIVE 1962
VT00002350 Mickey R Mcdevitt Veterinary License ACTIVE 1949
VT00004048 Diane W Marshall Veterinary License ACTIVE 1966
VT00008776 Ruth Laura Parkin Veterinary License ACTIVE 1971
VT00002719 Dwight Richard Waknitz Veterinary License ACTIVE 1953
VT60302655 Jasmin Lynn Averil Feist Veterinary License ACTIVE 1988
VT60216327 Margaret Ann Highland Veterinary License ACTIVE 1972
VT00008916 Mihai G Aluas Veterinary License ACTIVE 1972
VT60647155 Joann Morrison Veterinary License ACTIVE 1968

· Health Care Provider

Credential Number Name Credential Type Status Birth Year
NS60707915 Marjorie Pasion Delos Reyes Nursing Technician Registration ACTIVE 1994
LP00058382 Thomas Ryan Licensed Practical Nurse ACTIVE 1975
MD60641584 Angela Suzanne Giesel Steineck Physician And Surgeon License ACTIVE 1987
CM60643064 Kyra Michelle Perazzo Medical Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1970
MD00042208 Whitney L Carlson Physician And Surgeon License ACTIVE 1971
DI60530675 Lori Davis Roundy Dietitian Certification ACTIVE 1956
ES60665718 Haley L Haggerty Emergency Medical Technician Certification ACTIVE 1994
RN60025924 Gena Cooper Ahlawat Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1982
PC60356201 Nicholas Eugene Carpenter Medical Assistant Phlebotomist Certification ACTIVE 1978
NC10099994 Patricia E Flores Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1978
NA00142747 Mary A Moore Nursing Assistant Registration ACTIVE 1958
NC60019302 Sajar Trawally Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1965
RN60669681 Rachel Ann Austin Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1993
CG60692399 Stephani Ann Norby Counselor Agency Affiliated Registration ACTIVE 1955
NC60209614 Cynthia Lou Cornelius Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1960
NA00193455 Karen L Miller Nursing Assistant Registration ACTIVE 1957
NC60505166 Lalane M Kiel Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1980
NC60556011 Rebecca Simoncic O'reilly Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1970
ES60546298 Jessica Jeannette Joslin Emergency Medical Technician Certification ACTIVE 1991
RN00125795 Pamela J Batie Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1951