Joshua Matthew Elliott Veterinary License

Joshua Matthew Elliott is health care provider licensed by Washington State Department of Health. The credential number is VT60030031. The credential type is Veterinary License. The license status is ACTIVE.

Joshua Matthew Elliott · Veterinary License

Credential Number VT60030031
Last Name Elliott
First Name Joshua
Middle Name Matthew
Credential Type Veterinary License
Birth Year 1974
Continuing Education Due Date 20180623
First Issue Date 20080717
Last Issue Date 20160526
Expiration Date 20170623
Action Taken No

Veterinary License · Health Care Provider

Credential Number Name Credential Type Status Birth Year
VT00002466 Robin L Gardner Veterinary License ACTIVE 1952
VT00008428 Susan Rowena Baillie Veterinary License ACTIVE 1968
VT60401042 Jennifer Elena Davies Veterinary License ACTIVE 1975
VT00005622 Alena Kay Cowell Veterinary License ACTIVE 1967
VT00003316 Robert Douglas Keegan Veterinary License ACTIVE 1958
VT60203057 Kaja Britt Anna Halse Veterinary License ACTIVE 1981
VT00007021 Benjamin William Rizor Veterinary License ACTIVE 1976
VT00005172 Kelley S Mcglade-denome Veterinary License ACTIVE 1971
VT00005730 Cheryl Ann Meyers Veterinary License ACTIVE 1970
VT00007971 Michael L Ericson Veterinary License ACTIVE 1950
VT00003925 Timothy P Villm Veterinary License ACTIVE 1961
VT00003947 Sandra A Coon Veterinary License ACTIVE 1960
VT00001876 Steven M Parish Veterinary License ACTIVE 1947
VT00008410 Jody L Thomas O'brien Veterinary License ACTIVE 1975
VT00007667 Paul Lee Chauvin Veterinary License ACTIVE 1966
VT00006255 Leslie L Miller Veterinary License ACTIVE 1964
VT60515841 Elizabeth Anne Procassini Veterinary License ACTIVE 1961
VT60100599 Alexis Jean Campbell Veterinary License ACTIVE 1983
VT00005160 William Maurice Watkins Veterinary License ACTIVE 1957
VT00007629 Mary G Maier Veterinary License ACTIVE 1963

· Health Care Provider

Credential Number Name Credential Type Status Birth Year
NC60461810 Noemi Colin Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1993
AT00001665 Lori J Hanson Veterinary Technician License ACTIVE 1968
NC60584621 Francis Mwaura Kinge Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1993
DH00004400 Julie Ellen Grantham Dental Hygiene License ACTIVE 1963
NC10095468 Arthur J Raganit Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1974
NC10059546 Deanna L Radke Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1971
LP00050346 Michelle Renee Batistelli Licensed Practical Nurse ACTIVE 1972
RN60376462 Kayla Nicole Woodley Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1988
LF00000913 Jo Ann Chapola Marriage and Family Therapist License ACTIVE 1948
NA00097774 Mary Hodgson Nursing Assistant Registration ACTIVE 1975
PH00011183 Paul T Jaquish Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1957
NA00138998 Mary-beth Clore Nursing Assistant Registration ACTIVE 1965
MD00041027 Scott F Lin Physician And Surgeon License ACTIVE 1970
MD00018207 Kevin Joseph Case Physician And Surgeon License ACTIVE 1952
D160052171 Joan Frances Dougherty Dental Assistant Registration ACTIVE 1946
NC60021834 Bilen Alazar Gebreegziabher Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1979
OA60627117 Gary Dale Montgomery Osteopathic Physician Assistant License ACTIVE 1980
PH00015596 Matthew R Rutledge Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1959
NC60426957 Toryn James Gallagher Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1991
ES01163084 Helen A Riggins Emergency Medical Technician Certification ACTIVE 1958