Joshua Matthew Elliott Veterinary License

Joshua Matthew Elliott is health care provider licensed by Washington State Department of Health. The credential number is VT60030031. The credential type is Veterinary License. The license status is ACTIVE.

Joshua Matthew Elliott · Veterinary License

Credential Number VT60030031
Last Name Elliott
First Name Joshua
Middle Name Matthew
Credential Type Veterinary License
Birth Year 1974
Continuing Education Due Date 20180623
First Issue Date 20080717
Last Issue Date 20170614
Expiration Date 20180623
Action Taken No

Veterinary License · Washington Health Care Provider

Credential Number Name Credential Type Status Birth Year
VT00003070 Gregory Ray Iversen Veterinary License ACTIVE 1955
VT00004267 Lisa June Thompson Veterinary License ACTIVE 1964
VT00006733 Jennifer Rubinstein Veterinary License ACTIVE 1966
VT00008294 Kathryn G Miller Veterinary License ACTIVE 1978
VT00004326 Randall L Norstrem Veterinary License ACTIVE 1965
VT60559809 Jessica Elena Duncan Veterinary License ACTIVE 1978
VT00001790 Lloyd L Knight Veterinary License ACTIVE 1946
VT60589464 Lisa Joan Thompson Veterinary License ACTIVE 1977
VT00006644 Kimberly M Carpenter Veterinary License ACTIVE 1977
VT60013792 Patricia S Dowell Veterinary License ACTIVE 1958
VT60690552 Allyson Ann Darrow Veterinary License ACTIVE 1984
VT00007068 Joel Dennison Cuthbert Veterinary License ACTIVE 1972
VT00003235 Mary Ann Widman Veterinary License ACTIVE 1957
VT00004004 Karen B Wichert Veterinary License ACTIVE 1964
VT00004568 Michelle Rae Charlton Veterinary License ACTIVE 1967
VT00004800 Jean Marie Gulbransen Veterinary License ACTIVE 1967
VT00004000 Sandra L Smith Veterinary License ACTIVE 1962
VT00006128 Brian A Neir Veterinary License ACTIVE 1969
VT60109322 Michelle Lynn Burch Veterinary License ACTIVE 1982
VT60666435 Elena Virginia Millard Veterinary License ACTIVE 1983

Washington Health Care Provider

Credential Number Name Credential Type Status Birth Year
NA60785945 Olivia Rochelle Snow Nursing Assistant Registration ACTIVE 1995
VA00064130 Annie S Bacadon Pharmacy Technician Certification ACTIVE 1969
RN60059034 Leann D Erikson Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1969
RN00147871 Mandy R Schiefelbein Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1968
RN00071427 Donna K Mowery Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1957
PH00043979 Yuan Gao Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1967
PC60625686 Candice Kris Vivien Zabala Fernandez Medical Assistant Phlebotomist Certification ACTIVE 1990
NA00198550 Betty J Judd Nursing Assistant Registration ACTIVE 1953
CM60353598 Lori A Fulks Medical Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1964
HP10001348 Ronald C Kalvin Hypnotherapist Registration ACTIVE 1937
MD00026388 Cheryl Lynne Tan-jacobson Physician And Surgeon License ACTIVE 1960
RN60730472 Norma Asiedu Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1980
VA60542945 Jessica Erin Popiel Pharmacy Technician Certification ACTIVE 1988
RN60738301 Angel Arturo Avila-garcia Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1990
GT60700795 Lauren N Puryear Genetic Counselor License ACTIVE 1975
NA00121380 Allen D Motley Nursing Assistant Registration ACTIVE 1958
HL00007268 Joni Marie Mckee Dental Hygiene Renewable Limited License ACTIVE 1978
CM60701589 Victoria Lauren Sorenson Medical Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1995
NC60468531 Amanda Roberta-lee Dunham Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1991
D160343780 Janet Kristine Widman Dental Assistant Registration ACTIVE 1954