Aimee L Kimmel Veterinary License

Aimee L Kimmel is health care provider licensed by Washington State Department of Health. The credential number is VT00008327. The credential type is Veterinary License. The license status is ACTIVE.

Aimee L Kimmel · Veterinary License

Credential Number VT00008327
Last Name Kimmel
First Name Aimee
Middle Name L
Credential Type Veterinary License
Birth Year 1977
Continuing Education Due Date 20180922
First Issue Date 20060405
Last Issue Date 20170719
Expiration Date 20180922
Action Taken No

Veterinary License · Washington Health Care Provider

Credential Number Name Credential Type Status Birth Year
VT00001513 Terry A Richards Veterinary License ACTIVE 1944
VT00004658 Lynn Ann Caldwell Veterinary License ACTIVE 1959
VT60357676 Marcie Jean Mullen Veterinary License ACTIVE 1985
VT60039070 Katie Lynn Harrington Veterinary License ACTIVE 1974
VT00002307 David A Hansen Veterinary License ACTIVE 1946
VT60178228 Nicole Suzanne Velotta Veterinary License ACTIVE 1984
VT00002558 Gerald Richard Washburn Veterinary License ACTIVE 1950
VT60709589 Amanda Karen Wolf Veterinary License ACTIVE 1990
VT60715263 Vanessa Lee Rabito Veterinary License ACTIVE 1974
VT00002018 Elliott G Simkins Veterinary License ACTIVE 1944
VT60728120 Alexander Jongsei Park Veterinary License ACTIVE 1989
VT60303152 Jennifer Rose Bottorff Veterinary License ACTIVE 1985
VT00003813 Stuart L Spencer Veterinary License ACTIVE 1960
VT00006355 Eva M Pinto Veterinary License ACTIVE 1965
VT60366143 Kathleen Anne Kraska Veterinary License ACTIVE 1977
VT60662756 Nicholas Michael Szigetvari Veterinary License ACTIVE 1983
VT00008871 Donna J Troyer Veterinary License ACTIVE 1955
VT00002854 Karen Marie Comer Veterinary License ACTIVE 1954
VT60765398 Erinne Michelle Branter Veterinary License ACTIVE 1978
VT60134103 Jessica Marie Stern Veterinary License ACTIVE 1977

Washington Health Care Provider

Credential Number Name Credential Type Status Birth Year
RN00080107 Patricia L Bowman Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1961
LR00000019 Charlene Wederspahn Faoro Respiratory Care Practitioner License ACTIVE 1951
NC10064344 Meseret B Tsegaye Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1968
AT00000839 Connie D Gohl Veterinary Technician License ACTIVE 1961
RN60468130 Stephanie Marie Webber Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1988
RN00125597 Tuula A Reinoso Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1960
LH60774623 Jannae Estrada Canada Rice Mental Health Counselor License ACTIVE 1979
PT00002929 Joseph Adrian Pronk Physical Therapist License ACTIVE 1954
AP60665719 Sainabou Wadda Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner License ACTIVE 1980
RN00076854 Laurie Moulton Tinker Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1952
RN00169948 Eldaah Dara Constantine Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1978
NC60153074 Nicole Astrid Frazier Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1963
RN60532012 Jennifer Irene Blunt Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1991
RN00144334 Christine Barnhart Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1964
NC60083885 Linda Adkins Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1962
DE60681930 Michael Christopher Moran Dentist License ACTIVE 1989
PC60348355 Efren Agustin De Vera Medical Assistant Phlebotomist Certification ACTIVE 1980
LR60033938 Lisa M Rodriguez Respiratory Care Practitioner License ACTIVE 1979
NA60389902 Skyler Jay Carruthers Nursing Assistant Registration ACTIVE 1992
NC60287337 Chia Ching Patricia Pan Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1982