Monica Jeong-ju Kwak Pharmacist License

Monica Jeong-ju Kwak is health care provider licensed by Washington State Department of Health. The credential number is PH60100322. The credential type is Pharmacist License. The license status is ACTIVE.

Monica Jeong-ju Kwak · Pharmacist License

Credential Number PH60100322
Last Name Kwak
First Name Monica
Middle Name Jeong-Ju
Credential Type Pharmacist License
Birth Year 1982
Continuing Education Due Date 20171220
First Issue Date 20090904
Last Issue Date 20161216
Expiration Date 20171220
Action Taken No

Pharmacist License · Health Care Provider

Credential Number Name Credential Type Status Birth Year
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PH00049224 Kathleen M Brakebush Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1953
PH00067512 Erin K Alldredge Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1981
PH60657102 Ryan Phoenix Nottingham Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1990
PH00021865 Cynthia E Walker Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1958
PH60240463 Celita Louise Summerrise Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1973
PH60676279 Michael Anthony Wyant Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1985
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PH60022010 Mariedilia Shelton Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1961
PH00010530 Bradley R Friehauf Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1955
PH00046372 Kenneth Medley Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1961
PH00011448 Eva M Sipos Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1954
PH60227237 Annie Catherine Wynkoop Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1982
PH60167788 Sonya Kousoum Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1985
PH00019297 Chad A Crosby Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1971
PH60174623 Daniel A Wendt Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1982
PH00015057 Craig A Pedersen Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1965
PH00020209 Rhonda M Kerr Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1967
PH60085646 Anna Lvovna Komissarchik Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1981
PH00069491 Juanita R Bukenya-iwanga Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1972

· Health Care Provider

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CG60603803 Rebecca Lynne Peterson Counselor Agency Affiliated Registration ACTIVE 1971
RN60220856 Jacquline Marie Reed Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1985
MA00015856 Toni Lynn Kester Massage Practitioner License ACTIVE 1975
AT00001950 Suzanne M Ford Veterinary Technician License ACTIVE 1981
RT60511083 Timothy Francis Xavier Atkinson Radiologic Technologist Certification ACTIVE 1988
NC60549357 Kc Marie Brown Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1979
NC10090090 Amy M Simmons Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1969
RN00160488 Jennifer A Seely Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1980
RN00088114 Stephen D Bird Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1958
NC60696214 Kailynn Annette Rae Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1995
NC10056578 Jobelina F Kerstetter Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1978
DI60163114 Megan Elizabeth Moore Dietitian Certification ACTIVE 1986
MG60526213 Sarah Eileen Sanderson Marriage and Family Therapist Associate License ACTIVE 1988
CM60562387 Michelle My Nguyen Medical Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1990
MR60421138 Regina Ann Marquardt Medical Assistant Registration ACTIVE 1966
RN60031432 Sarah M Hinkleman Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1975
MA00024015 Angela C Davis Massage Practitioner License ACTIVE 1974
NA60628106 Jasmine Bryson Nursing Assistant Registration ACTIVE 1989
ES00125836 Brian D Estes Emergency Medical Technician Certification ACTIVE 1961
DE60173511 Eldon Garrett Bloch Dentist License ACTIVE 1958