Timothy James Wardell Pharmacist License

Timothy James Wardell is health care provider licensed by Washington State Department of Health. The credential number is PH60088435. The credential type is Pharmacist License. The license status is ACTIVE.

Timothy James Wardell · Pharmacist License

Credential Number PH60088435
Last Name Wardell
First Name Timothy
Middle Name James
Credential Type Pharmacist License
Birth Year 1982
Continuing Education Due Date 20171114
First Issue Date 20090625
Last Issue Date 20160810
Expiration Date 20171114
Action Taken No

Pharmacist License · Washington Health Care Provider

Credential Number Name Credential Type Status Birth Year
PH60542345 Kirsten Erica Laity Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1970
PH00015241 Nancy K Driesner Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1962
PH00071318 Alan P Holland Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1982
PH60544862 Carrie Lynn Casey Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1973
PH00020338 Michelle L Hatch Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1973
PH00069148 George A Hatziantoniou Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1963
PH60159373 Laurie Lynn Truscott-albright Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1969
PH00009134 Michael A Pos Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1946
PH00055340 Mee Ae Michelle Joe Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1965
PH60752595 Arsalan Shah Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1991
PH60021612 Geoffrey A Meer Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1977
PH60683964 Mandana Naderi Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1991
PH00011255 Beverly A Morrow Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1956
PH00010340 Beverly J Clairmont Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1953
PH00020312 Anthony R Kozlowski Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1952
PH60312994 Allen H Lee Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1983
PH00011070 Thomas E Christian Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1953
PH60085894 Ruth M Tadema Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1985
PH60255827 Kristin Marie Genzlinger Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1985
PH00050840 Emiko Imaizumi Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1964

Washington Health Care Provider

Credential Number Name Credential Type Status Birth Year
OT60693729 Nadia Warters Noid Occupational Therapist License ACTIVE 1970
RN00106292 Mary Jane Yakovlevitch Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1959
RN60764397 Brandi Lyn Jacoby Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1991
RN60301565 Denise Claire Pac Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1965
CP00006161 Carl L Moore Chemical Dependency Professional Certification ACTIVE 1956
CX60643175 Michelle Lynn Benson Chiropractic X-Ray Technician Registration ACTIVE 1990
NC10014486 Debora Renee Davis Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1952
PH00017762 Shannon G Pederson Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1958
RN60487003 Ryan Shawn Housden Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1975
NC60075631 Marsha Alice Delos Santos Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1960
VM60727159 Julie Marie Mills Veterinary Medication Clerk Registration ACTIVE 1965
NC10086796 Sandra Marie Curry Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1985
RN60001023 Maria A Summers Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1983
ES00123886 Larry L Padberg Emergency Medical Responder Certification ACTIVE 1957
RN00117925 Dana Cheri Hilbert Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1962
PH00011070 Thomas E Christian Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1953
NA00199595 Peter A Patnode Nursing Assistant Registration ACTIVE 1956
MA60106423 Angela Marie Hughes Massage Therapist License ACTIVE 1988
AP60323870 Sonia Constancia Scott Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner License ACTIVE 1965
MD00027432 Randolph L Geary Physician And Surgeon License ACTIVE 1959