Kwan Ling Ho Pharmacist License

Kwan Ling Ho is health care provider licensed by Washington State Department of Health. The credential number is PH00018701. The credential type is Pharmacist License. The license status is ACTIVE.

Kwan Ling Ho · Pharmacist License

Credential Number PH00018701
Last Name Ho
First Name Kwan Ling
Credential Type Pharmacist License
Birth Year 1971
Continuing Education Due Date 20170511
First Issue Date 19950628
Last Issue Date 20160401
Expiration Date 20170511
Action Taken No

Pharmacist License · Health Care Provider

Credential Number Name Credential Type Status Birth Year
PH00016300 Donna L Doyle Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1968
PH00052297 Erik C Olson Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1973
PH60638855 Kenneth David Cahoon Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1975
PH60537638 Aekta Haren Vasavada Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1989
PH60335801 Xi Zhang Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1987
PH00039281 Gretchen A Linggi-irby Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1975
PH00066115 Scott P Craig Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1980
PH00022036 Cheryl J Richter Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1962
PH60200042 Cary Tsuyoshi Ninokawa Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1951
PH00021738 Anton Nguyen Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1971
PH00056931 Nirav R Patel Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1974
PH00059324 Saradha Vedula Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1976
PH00020625 Kimberly M Miller Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1969
PH60665908 James F Myres Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1981
PH00015842 Penelope Jane Hoppe Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1962
PH00009849 Richard D Mcpoland Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1947
PH00019030 Keri A Norman Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1972
PH60277915 Robert Joseph Baars Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1982
PH60654744 Emily Anne Riley Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1989
PH60231398 Danfeng Cai Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1983

· Health Care Provider

Credential Number Name Credential Type Status Birth Year
PC60358394 Ruth Roberts Medical Assistant Phlebotomist Certification ACTIVE 1952
NA00126098 Heidi Sue Bemis Nursing Assistant Registration ACTIVE 1982
LW00004961 David Edward Dickman Social Worker Independent Clinical License ACTIVE 1949
NC60351623 Emily W Mburu Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1960
RN60574209 Rachel Nichole Boram Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1992
PC60349177 Ethan Brandon Ford Medical Assistant Phlebotomist Certification ACTIVE 1977
RN60564563 Candis Ann Mckeever Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1981
AP60653936 Elizabeth Elena Karkoski-gardner Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner License ACTIVE 1987
LP60279336 Harpinder Singh Cheema Licensed Practical Nurse ACTIVE 1990
MD00031036 Claus H Janssen Physician And Surgeon License ACTIVE 1959
PH60004905 Kelly M Mclean Pharmacist Preceptor License ACTIVE 1969
RN00159761 Amy L Martin Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1961
RN00124926 Marcia S Limbach Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1960
IR60707171 Abby K Wade Pharmacist Intern Registration ACTIVE 1985
RN00101675 Cheryl Ruth Ornellas Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1966
HP60540357 Kaydee Bridget Steele Hypnotherapist Registration ACTIVE 1969
DE00006827 Richard D Crockett Dentist License ACTIVE 1945
RN00058547 Elizabeth Austin Gilbert Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1953
MA60596056 Jessica Shandi Smith Massage Practitioner License ACTIVE 1995
XT60281549 Gabriel Jimenez Sanchez X-Ray Technician Registration ACTIVE 1989