Harry G Pong Pharmacist License

Harry G Pong is health care provider licensed by Washington State Department of Health. The credential number is PH00016307. The credential type is Pharmacist License. The license status is ACTIVE.

Harry G Pong · Pharmacist License

Credential Number PH00016307
Last Name Pong
First Name Harry
Middle Name G
Credential Type Pharmacist License
Birth Year 1959
Continuing Education Due Date 20170715
First Issue Date 19890320
Last Issue Date 20160505
Expiration Date 20170715
Action Taken No

Pharmacist License · Health Care Provider

Credential Number Name Credential Type Status Birth Year
PH00042082 Kevin W Jang Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1972
PH00070024 Amanda K Loesche Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1982
PH00060353 Michael J Brown Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1965
PH60334925 Tien Thuy Pascu Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1987
PH00039344 Timothy J Vanmouwerik Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1955
PH00046624 Maria Kamci Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1973
PH60117062 Janet Marie Evans Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1971
PH00009320 Clarke D St Dennis Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1947
PH60224624 Skyler Kalen York Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1985
PH00039393 Dung T Nguyen Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1973
PH00039381 Laura L Desimone Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1959
PH00060058 Reid I Yamamoto Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1976
PH00016909 Anna Maria Huffman Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1967
PH60383014 Hetal Mihir Jariwala Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1985
PH60595169 Michelle Chai-peam Chiang Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1988
PH00013789 Laura L Strehlow Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1959
PH00013787 Jeranice E Stanley Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1953
PH60106742 Salim Pradhan Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1971
PH60096618 Diem Ngoc Vo Nguyen Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1984
PH60155387 Dalari Ann Allington Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1986

· Health Care Provider

Credential Number Name Credential Type Status Birth Year
RN00111076 Shellie Larue Halfhill Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1963
RN60491325 Oksana D Fjodorova Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1975
D160475702 Kasey Lynn Leedy Dental Assistant Registration ACTIVE 1977
NA60709661 Ashley Joanna Nelson Nursing Assistant Registration ACTIVE 1991
RN60478114 Fitsum Worku Nedi Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1980
VB60704919 Douglas Lee Lortie Pharmacy Assistant License ACTIVE 1995
PC60605561 Branden Scott White Medical Assistant Phlebotomist Certification ACTIVE 1988
ES00002211 Donald J Nelson EMS Evaluator ACTIVE 1937
PH00009795 Charles V Young Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1950
MJ60690164 Ki Oh Nam Medical Marijuana Consultant Certification ACTIVE 1958
NC60056400 Perdana J Daud Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1980
NC60579243 Yusi Zhu Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1993
NC60616630 Christina Onishchenko Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1996
MC60583456 Laura Hurson Mental Health Counselor Associate License ACTIVE 1985
NA00132831 Joaquin C Paez Nursing Assistant Registration ACTIVE 1947
RN00092517 Kay E Mcfarland Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1951
MA00020724 Will Griffin Courtney Massage Practitioner License ACTIVE 1978
CG60691126 Rachel Michele Loomis Counselor Agency Affiliated Registration ACTIVE 1994
VA60047265 Tiarra Sorensen Pharmacy Technician Certification ACTIVE 1983
ES60223665 Joe I Cross EMS Evaluator ACTIVE 1968