Barbara J Franklin Pharmacist License

Barbara J Franklin is health care provider licensed by Washington State Department of Health. The credential number is PH00006494. The credential type is Pharmacist License. The license status is EXPIRED.

Barbara J Franklin · Pharmacist License

Credential Number PH00006494
First Name BARBARA
Middle Name J
Credential Type Pharmacist License
Birth Year 1933
First Issue Date 19560605
Last Issue Date 20011229
Expiration Date 20011229
Action Taken No

Pharmacist License · Washington Health Care Provider

Credential Number Name Credential Type Status Birth Year
PH00018202 Carrie J Johnson Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1967
PH60480586 Therese Lorraine Shreiner Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1960
PH60660161 Cheng Lucy Chang Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1987
PH60093841 Katie Anne Ingersoll Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1985
PH60385692 Jessica Nicole Claiborne Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1982
PH60305890 Stephanie Nicole Kazanjian Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1978
PH60023090 Stephanie J Bardin Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1981
PH00015066 Amy Lynn Holden Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1966
PH60659949 Stephanie Lynn Inouye Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1990
PH60387338 Allison Marie Clinton Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1985
PH00022175 Kurtis P Parkinson Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1966
PH60735521 Julie Anne Waterfield Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1982
PH00019688 Kim K Pham Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1970
PH00018716 Laura L Winter Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1970
PH00016785 Timothy F Glennie Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1966
PH00021399 Riel Dararak Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1948
PH00011460 Cassandra G Leid Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1959
PH60310729 Faten Riad Itani Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1985
PH60665578 Sei-jung Lee Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1972
PH60347474 Amelia Rebecca Deboer Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1987

Washington Health Care Provider

Credential Number Name Credential Type Status Birth Year
PH00068361 Brad A Clark Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1966
ES60251093 Kristin M May Emergency Medical Technician Certification ACTIVE 1990
NA60796508 Celine Noh Nursing Assistant Registration ACTIVE 1997
NC10039044 Julie Ann Rau Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1966
RN60110261 Jennifer C Schmitt Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1984
RN00158073 Cynthia S Princ Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1952
RN60220111 Mary Katherine Wuest Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1989
NC60747629 Hannah Leigh Williams Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1997
VA60118119 Nataliya Tsvan Pharmacy Technician Certification ACTIVE 1960
VB60738368 Brett Thomas Baerlocher Pharmacy Assistant License ACTIVE 1998
ES60659204 Kyle Alan Burrill Emergency Medical Technician Certification ACTIVE 1988
NC60240600 Taylor Kay Bachman Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1991
DE00007019 Randall K Stephens Dentist License ACTIVE 1955
ST00000751 John Curtis Jones Surgical Technologist Registration ACTIVE 1954
RN00142093 Pamela R Miller Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1976
OT00001370 Judy Lynn Dona Bauer Occupational Therapist License ACTIVE 1960
ES01176011 Benjamin D Carver Emergency Medical Technician Certification ACTIVE 1980
ES00000501 Laurie M Anderton Medical Program Director Delegate ACTIVE 1961
XT00006766 Wasihun D Ewnetu X-Ray Technician Registration ACTIVE 1962
ES00120932 Jim G Wabaunsee Emergency Medical Technician Certification ACTIVE 1960