Mifawnwy Carlson Midwife License

Mifawnwy Carlson is health care provider licensed by Washington State Department of Health. The credential number is MW00000061. The credential type is Midwife License. The license status is EXPIRED.

Mifawnwy Carlson · Midwife License

Credential Number MW00000061
Last Name Carlson
First Name Mifawnwy
Credential Type Midwife License
Birth Year 1942
Continuing Education Due Date 20190407
First Issue Date 19850625
Last Issue Date 20160408
Expiration Date 20170407
Action Taken No

Midwife License · Washington Health Care Provider

Credential Number Name Credential Type Status Birth Year
MW60130114 Loritha Ann Fitzpatrick Midwife License ACTIVE 1968
MW60402527 Cassandra Janine Hurd Midwife License ACTIVE 1983
MW00000320 Lorri Ellen Carr Midwife License ACTIVE 1961
MW60738539 Abigail Ruth Nelson Midwife License ACTIVE 1984
MW60308325 Laura Louise Kuhs Midwife License ACTIVE 1986
MW60430465 Carmon Jean Waller Midwife License ACTIVE 1977
MW00000322 Kimberley A Bauer Midwife License ACTIVE 1972
MW60418455 Mandy Rae Gulla Midwife License ACTIVE 1978
MW60002237 Susan J Lawler Midwife License ACTIVE 1966
MW60402520 Ashley Nicole Skluzacek Midwife License ACTIVE 1986
MW60064032 Sarah M Hainley Lax Midwife License ACTIVE 1982
MW60498363 Jennifer Lee Linstad Midwife License ACTIVE 1973
MW00000176 Mary J Grabowska Midwife License ACTIVE 1964
MW00000284 Dawn R Wadleigh Midwife License ACTIVE 1975
MW60723718 Katherine Alice Dexter Midwife License ACTIVE 1987
MW00000280 Carol A Gautschi Midwife License ACTIVE 1952
MW00000317 Andrea L Henderson Midwife License ACTIVE 1977
MW00000271 Beth Suzanne Falanga Midwife License ACTIVE 1967
MW00000315 Shira S Jacobs Midwife License CLOSED 1975
MW60219073 Jane Elizabeth Drichta Midwife License CLOSED 1969

Washington Health Care Provider

Credential Number Name Credential Type Status Birth Year
PT00005458 Cory Jane English Physical Therapist License ACTIVE 1953
MR60753154 Rayleen Denise Kirkland Medical Assistant Registration ACTIVE 1969
ES60619407 James Albert Curtice EMS Evaluator ACTIVE 1967
MR60586543 Aloisa Versoza Vincecruz Medical Assistant Registration ACTIVE 1996
RN60105468 Patricia Ann Johnston Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1975
ES01173777 Craig Eugene Newman Emergency Medical Technician Certification ACTIVE 1970
RN00110584 James Erwin Simon Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1956
NU00002080 Kristin M Hirano Nutritionist Certification ACTIVE 1972
ES60725831 Marcus Joseph Turnquist Paramedic Certification ACTIVE 1989
HL60455872 Laurilyn Balfour Eldenburg Dental Hygiene Renewable Limited License ACTIVE 1961
LP00047463 Diane J Livingston Licensed Practical Nurse ACTIVE 1956
ES60488894 Jonathan Samuel Walling Emergency Medical Technician Certification ACTIVE 1994
LP00047711 Connie E Lawson Licensed Practical Nurse ACTIVE 1946
VT60664104 Alaina Marie Andersen Veterinary License ACTIVE 1983
NA60354952 Zinaida Sirghii Nursing Assistant Registration ACTIVE 1957
DH00002324 Shannon Strecker Dental Hygiene License ACTIVE 1955
RN60446273 Tracy Ann Redgrave Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1961
PT00003826 David Paul Auvinen Physical Therapist License ACTIVE 1963
NC60211628 Aberash Negash Tuffa Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1981
ES00127233 Damon J Semingson Emergency Medical Technician Certification ACTIVE 1974