Mifawnwy Carlson Midwife License

Mifawnwy Carlson is health care provider licensed by Washington State Department of Health. The credential number is MW00000061. The credential type is Midwife License. The license status is ACTIVE.

Mifawnwy Carlson · Midwife License

Credential Number MW00000061
Last Name Carlson
First Name Mifawnwy
Credential Type Midwife License
Birth Year 1942
Continuing Education Due Date 20190407
First Issue Date 19850625
Last Issue Date 20160408
Expiration Date 20170407
Action Taken No

Midwife License · Health Care Provider

Credential Number Name Credential Type Status Birth Year
MW00000279 Ann B Olsen Midwife License ACTIVE 1960
MW00000052 Laurie J Braunstein Midwife License ACTIVE 1955
MW60472720 Sarah Joy Day Midwife License ACTIVE 1987
MW00000266 M Catriona Munro Midwife License ACTIVE 1974
MW00000041 Laura A Hamilton Midwife License ACTIVE 1957
MW60026404 Beverly Browne Schubert Midwife License ACTIVE 1963
MW00000016 Winifred G Mcnamara Midwife License ACTIVE 1951
MW00000227 Elizabeth W Collins Midwife License ACTIVE 1966
MW60691309 Barbara Elaine Arnold Midwife License ACTIVE 1958
MW00000223 Tracy M Cooper Midwife License ACTIVE 1968
MW60050144 Cathleen Ann Weston Midwife License ACTIVE 1951
MW00000283 Tamra K Roloff Midwife License ACTIVE 1960
MW60683812 Katherine Bernice Sanderson Midwife License ACTIVE 1979
MW00000286 Melissa A Denmark Midwife License ACTIVE 1971
MW60586898 Marnie Raelene Midwife License ACTIVE 1978
MW60664728 Nadya Assaf Rubinstein Midwife License ACTIVE 1978
MW60263623 Christine Marie Jody Morlock Midwife License ACTIVE 1981
MW00000301 Sharon Marie Avolio Midwife License ACTIVE 1961
MW60262585 Taylor Ann Hamil Midwife License ACTIVE 1980
MW60473932 Stacey Lynn Callaghan Midwife License ACTIVE 1970

· Health Care Provider

Credential Number Name Credential Type Status Birth Year
NT00001330 Christopher M Valley Naturopathic Physician License ACTIVE 1973
NC10058993 Jennifer Marie Cruz Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1972
MA00006149 Sheryl D Correll Brown Massage Practitioner License ACTIVE 1964
MD00033010 Sumit Guha Physician And Surgeon License ACTIVE 1965
ML60657478 Sara Kappraff Neches Physician And Surgeon Residency License ACTIVE 1978
PA60118213 Christine J Bunnell Physician Assistant License ACTIVE 1972
ES00127471 Todd F Schanze Paramedic Certification ACTIVE 1960
RN00145208 Anita C Sommerville Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1952
RT60685005 Cynthia Lee Fox Radiologic Technologist Certification ACTIVE 1992
RN00084999 Doreen Rae Scott Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1955
D160129639 Anna Maree Napolitano Dental Assistant Registration ACTIVE 1988
PH00022123 Kristin A Shelby Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1970
PH60016842 Lisa M Reimer Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1984
NC10080344 Eurasia C Lanquin Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1966
RN00123073 Cindy Louise Nielsen Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1957
AP60710531 Maren Lothyan Zaro Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner License ACTIVE 1966
NC60697566 Angela Frances Johnson Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1984
RN60564593 Alexandra Nicole Tiemeyer Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1989
NC60526243 Bonnie Louise Bruce Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1956
D160676797 Erica L Munoz Dental Assistant Registration ACTIVE 1995