Brian Michael Vetsch EMS Evaluator

Brian Michael Vetsch is health care provider licensed by Washington State Department of Health. The credential number is ES00005851. The credential type is EMS Evaluator. The license status is ACTIVE.

Brian Michael Vetsch · EMS Evaluator

Credential Number ES00005851
Last Name Vetsch
First Name Brian
Middle Name Michael
Credential Type EMS Evaluator
Birth Year 1968
Last Issue Date 20060115
Expiration Date 20180630
Action Taken No

EMS Evaluator · Washington Health Care Provider

Credential Number Name Credential Type Status Birth Year
ES00006365 Kristopher M Cress EMS Evaluator ACTIVE 1983
ES60539067 Billie Jo Bennett EMS Evaluator ACTIVE 1982
ES60269740 Kelly J Camastral EMS Evaluator ACTIVE 1963
ES00003721 Fredrick L Hector EMS Evaluator ACTIVE 1975
ES60688897 Brent Kenneth Adams EMS Evaluator ACTIVE 1967
ES60618967 Steven James Brumsickle EMS Evaluator ACTIVE 1961
ES60445427 Kristi Liane Alberti EMS Evaluator ACTIVE 1971
ES60454254 Tyson Drew Curtis EMS Evaluator ACTIVE 1978
ES60725097 Graham E Sharman EMS Evaluator ACTIVE 1968
ES00005782 Nathan Joseph Downey EMS Evaluator ACTIVE 1969
ES00005384 Jennifer R Schmidt EMS Evaluator ACTIVE 1977
ES60507423 Willie Gene Frank EMS Evaluator ACTIVE 1985
ES60121894 Michelle Jane Greenwell EMS Evaluator ACTIVE 1970
ES00004044 Jaylin M Peacock EMS Evaluator ACTIVE 1960
ES00005097 Kyle L Mccoy EMS Evaluator ACTIVE 1971
ES60544220 Colton Michael O'brien EMS Evaluator ACTIVE 1991
ES00002509 Jeffrey A Hager EMS Evaluator ACTIVE 1955
ES00006465 Shawn J Walker EMS Evaluator ACTIVE 1980
ES60078090 Christopher Thomas Wolf Olbu EMS Evaluator ACTIVE 1977
ES00006275 Mike Kevin Phillips EMS Evaluator ACTIVE 1979

Washington Health Care Provider

Credential Number Name Credential Type Status Birth Year
NC60127937 Ashley Mae Lightfoot Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1991
ES00132606 Corbin M Hall Paramedic Certification ACTIVE 1981
NC60274801 Kandra Kay Loving Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1994
D160186687 Simona Cristina Diculescu Dental Assistant Registration ACTIVE 1967
DE60270499 David Mark Thuet Dentist License ACTIVE 1981
PH60757918 Daniel Wook Heo Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1982
CM60636362 Cherie Nicole Ramsey Medical Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1994
MD00038747 Jennifer Brennan Braden Physician And Surgeon License ACTIVE 1971
PT00006601 Karen Ann Robertson Physical Therapist License ACTIVE 1949
NC60729149 Eugene Lubuguin Pioquinto Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1994
PT60240861 Peter J Maxa Physical Therapist License ACTIVE 1953
NC60704498 Zachary John Cunningham Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1995
VB60635731 Barbara Ann Guyll Pharmacy Assistant License ACTIVE 1959
CM60369690 Karah L Wright Medical Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1985
NC10047337 Edna U Myers Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1959
RN00169459 Jennifer M Kohler Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1972
D160034771 Gabriela Pimentel Dental Assistant Registration ACTIVE 1974
LP60677055 Robert Allen Emler Licensed Practical Nurse ACTIVE 1982
PH00019077 Froilan L Rivera Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1972
AC00002513 Jeff Drake Ewing East Asian Medicine Practitioner License ACTIVE 1960