George Ht Kang Dentist License

George Ht Kang is health care provider licensed by Washington State Department of Health. The credential number is DE60323740. The credential type is Dentist License. The license status is ACTIVE.

George Ht Kang · Dentist License

Credential Number DE60323740
Last Name Kang
First Name George
Middle Name HT
Credential Type Dentist License
Birth Year 1973
Continuing Education Due Date 20170508
First Issue Date 20130131
Last Issue Date 20160301
Expiration Date 20170508
Action Taken No

Dentist License · Health Care Provider

Credential Number Name Credential Type Status Birth Year
DE00010984 Vikram Likhari Dentist License ACTIVE 1973
DE60425213 Diane Ngoc Hawkins Dentist License ACTIVE 1977
DE00003804 Theodore Masaru Fujioka Dentist License ACTIVE 1943
DE60231686 Behnam Fakhravar Dentist License ACTIVE 1982
DE00009569 Joo-won F Yoon Dentist License ACTIVE 1974
DE00009294 Randall J Altmann Dentist License ACTIVE 1963
DE00008197 Steven H Pond Dentist License ACTIVE 1969
DE60084270 Gabriela Aranda Dentist License ACTIVE 1973
DE00008553 Paul R Yetter Dentist License ACTIVE 1963
DE00009491 Yoon-suk Lee Dentist License ACTIVE 1962
DE00008063 Kelly R Garwood Dentist License ACTIVE 1971
DE00010210 John S Kim Dentist License ACTIVE 1977
DE00006424 Timothy P Labrosse Dentist License ACTIVE 1955
DE60220460 James Douglas Bird Dentist License ACTIVE 1976
DE60366761 Brett John Nydegger Dentist License ACTIVE 1982
DE60653265 Justin James Erickson Dentist License ACTIVE 1989
DE60406836 Abdallah Awada Dentist License ACTIVE 1986
DE60604677 Jennifer Yoonhee Kim Dentist License ACTIVE 1971
DE00008389 Richard M Simcock Dentist License ACTIVE 1969
DE00004708 Peter M Milgrom Dentist License ACTIVE 1947

· Health Care Provider

Credential Number Name Credential Type Status Birth Year
RN00090735 Diane Keith Patterson Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1963
PH60007236 Timothy J Sexton Pharmacist Preceptor License ACTIVE 1976
NC60398670 Nikole Renee Mulligan Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1994
RN00051640 Rhonda Mooney Bennett Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1950
RT00006813 Ann F Stickles-benoit Radiologic Technologist Certification ACTIVE 1953
DE00007785 Craig E Pearce Dentist License ACTIVE 1953
LD00001628 Jill Y Bargones Audiologist License ACTIVE 1961
NC60655283 Stefanie Ann Wright Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1992
RN00142271 Debra S Snyder Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1955
ES00114373 Adin S Daneker Paramedic Certification ACTIVE 1971
RT60424316 Andrew Ryan Barnes Radiologic Technologist Certification ACTIVE 1979
LW00004139 Peter W Goddard Social Worker Independent Clinical License ACTIVE 1954
RN00045319 Linda Hyer Haralson Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1948
LW00007619 Jo Ann Brown Social Worker Independent Clinical License ACTIVE 1963
RN60116448 Julie Workman Nelson Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1980
NC60107405 Rose Wanjiku Kibuchi Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1953
RN60327876 Rebecca Rae Lewis Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1967
PY60618304 Megan Elizabeth Goldenshteyn Psychologist License ACTIVE 1987
LW00006429 Dawn M Shepherd Social Worker Independent Clinical License ACTIVE 1971
MA60040829 Kelly Pierce Tysland Massage Practitioner License ACTIVE 1983