David Christopher Butler Dentist License

David Christopher Butler is health care provider licensed by Washington State Department of Health. The credential number is DE60267180. The credential type is Dentist License. The license status is ACTIVE.

David Christopher Butler · Dentist License

Credential Number DE60267180
Last Name Butler
First Name David
Middle Name Christopher
Credential Type Dentist License
Birth Year 1979
Continuing Education Due Date 20171221
First Issue Date 20120217
Last Issue Date 20161012
Expiration Date 20171221
Action Taken No

Dentist License · Washington Health Care Provider

Credential Number Name Credential Type Status Birth Year
DE60620123 Jun Sun Dentist License ACTIVE 1973
DE60574228 Cameron Richard Stroyan Dentist License ACTIVE 1987
DE00008542 James T Nguyen Dentist License ACTIVE 1973
DE00003785 Ernest Earl Barrett Dentist License ACTIVE 1944
DE60102540 Kyle Farrar Vessey Dentist License ACTIVE 1983
DE60315598 Stephen Bongwook Park Dentist License ACTIVE 1985
DE60465465 Christie Kim Lee Dentist License ACTIVE 1982
DE00009839 Krithika Chellappa Dentist License ACTIVE 1977
DE00005005 Charles Watson Croasdill Dentist License ACTIVE 1952
DE60715832 Fransiskus Andrianto Tjiptowidjojo Dentist License ACTIVE 1983
DE00010238 Craig K Barney Dentist License ACTIVE 1976
DE00009906 Huong Thien Le Dentist License ACTIVE 1972
DE00006843 Maryam Aminian Dentist License ACTIVE 1968
DE60619923 Joshua Wayne Ricks Dentist License ACTIVE 1981
DE60569362 Landon George King Dentist License ACTIVE 1988
DE00005463 Brian Ray Oleson Dentist License ACTIVE 1954
DE60067325 Brad Judy Dentist License ACTIVE 1979
DE60214391 Daniel Thomas Brady Dentist License ACTIVE 1978
DE60468228 Peter Euidon Kim Dentist License ACTIVE 1975
DE00007537 Michael W Huey Dentist License ACTIVE 1960

Washington Health Care Provider

Credential Number Name Credential Type Status Birth Year
CM60376148 Shawntay Quardeshia Clegg Medical Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1990
RN00172360 Suzie Eckstein Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1957
DE60189640 Donald Dong-cheon Lee Dentist License ACTIVE 1979
LP60579536 Hailey Briahna Wilson Licensed Practical Nurse ACTIVE 1992
LW00004678 Joni Rae Hardcastle Social Worker Independent Clinical License ACTIVE 1955
PT00002861 Laurie Anne Lippincott Physical Therapist License ACTIVE 1959
RN00138315 Holly A Blanton Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1956
CB60775089 Megan Nichole Buono Certified Behavior Technician ACTIVE 1994
MD60641483 Tafadzwa Patrick Makarawo Physician And Surgeon License ACTIVE 1979
AS60549498 Karen Anne Parnall Animal Massage Certification for Small Animals ACTIVE 1957
RN00070214 Ruth Adkins Flint Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1957
NA60130530 Davina Marie Chavez Nursing Assistant Registration ACTIVE 1984
RN60739558 Anne Leslie Smith Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1957
NC60109669 Joan-ann Aleshia Reynolds Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1949
VM60452191 Carla Jean Veillette Veterinary Medication Clerk Registration ACTIVE 1970
D160323758 Amy Marie Marston Dental Assistant Registration ACTIVE 1982
CM60429700 Dawn Marie Watson Medical Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1978
VB00070443 Jay D Wood Pharmacy Assistant License ACTIVE 1960
PT00008838 Stacey R Cooper Physical Therapist License ACTIVE 1965
RN60685664 Toni Ilia King Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1980