Tonya A Loving Dentist License

Tonya A Loving is health care provider licensed by Washington State Department of Health. The credential number is DE00007471. The credential type is Dentist License. The license status is ACTIVE.

Tonya A Loving · Dentist License

Credential Number DE00007471
Last Name Loving
First Name Tonya
Middle Name A
Credential Type Dentist License
Birth Year 1968
Continuing Education Due Date 20171026
First Issue Date 19950721
Last Issue Date 20160908
Expiration Date 20171026
Action Taken No

Dentist License · Health Care Provider

Credential Number Name Credential Type Status Birth Year
DE00008709 Melanie S Lang Dentist License ACTIVE 1965
DE60573228 Anit Merry Mathew Dentist License ACTIVE 1982
DE00008015 Mai Th Le Dentist License ACTIVE 1968
DE00002809 Theodore D Caviness Dentist License ACTIVE 1930
DE00006174 Aalam Samsavar Dentist License ACTIVE 1960
DE60198294 Travis John Probst Dentist License ACTIVE 1976
DE00006281 Jeff S Hobson Dentist License ACTIVE 1960
DE00008840 Ethan S Kaufman Dentist License ACTIVE 1966
DE00008056 Michael A Scott Dentist License ACTIVE 1964
DE00010268 Lucy K Scantlebury Vo Dentist License ACTIVE 1979
DE00010306 Douglas F Whitfield Dentist License ACTIVE 1966
DE60442315 Bryan Patrick Shireman Dentist License ACTIVE 1978
DE60169589 Igor Elperin Dentist License ACTIVE 1971
DE60555291 Daniel Ira Delonas Dentist License ACTIVE 1982
DE60680048 Philip Owen Warlick Dentist License ACTIVE 1947
DE00008376 Sharon P Feller Dentist License ACTIVE 1968
DE00004831 Richard O Bienenfeld Dentist License ACTIVE 1950
DE00010241 Geoffrey Y Chan Dentist License ACTIVE 1976
DE00005961 Tracy A Quickstad Dentist License ACTIVE 1958
DE60390336 Peter Nguyen Nguyen Dentist License ACTIVE 1970

· Health Care Provider

Credential Number Name Credential Type Status Birth Year
NC60018358 Genesee S Etter Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1981
SC60313668 Siri Letitia Quigley Social Worker Associate Independent Clinical License ACTIVE 1973
RN00061867 Barbara Jean Smith Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1953
D160672580 Estib Maonry Boyzo Arias Dental Assistant Registration ACTIVE 1994
LL00003201 Kathleen A Blanchet Speech Language Pathologist License ACTIVE 1956
ES00108867 John T Derig Emergency Medical Technician Certification ACTIVE 1975
PC60480161 Jodi Lee Schlosser Medical Assistant Phlebotomist Certification ACTIVE 1961
RN60171663 Barrie Marie Devaney Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1986
CM60372327 Malinda E Holley Medical Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1983
MD00045686 Andy Barnett Physician And Surgeon License ACTIVE 1975
MD00021866 Leland Teng Physician And Surgeon License ACTIVE 1958
AP30005689 Elisa Kay Williams Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner License ACTIVE 1969
PH00046725 Nancy L Whiting Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1973
D160446317 Jamie Martin Dental Assistant Registration ACTIVE 1991
OP00001833 Brian D Tallerico Osteopathic Physician & Surgeon License ACTIVE 1971
RF60399064 Wanda L Price Reflexologist Certification ACTIVE 1952
D160035632 Holli Letha-may Lancaster Dental Assistant Registration ACTIVE 1988
OT00001610 Julie Ann Briggs Occupational Therapist License ACTIVE 1955
CM60395044 Tamsen Leigh Abbey Medical Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1970
MD60558904 Galena Konstantinovna Kolchugina Physician And Surgeon License ACTIVE 1979