J Dana Kintner Dentist License

J Dana Kintner is health care provider licensed by Washington State Department of Health. The credential number is DE00002332. The credential type is Dentist License. The license status is EXPIRED.

J Dana Kintner · Dentist License

Credential Number DE00002332
First Name J
Middle Name DANA
Credential Type Dentist License
Birth Year 1909
First Issue Date 19550201
Last Issue Date 19980412
Expiration Date 19980412
Action Taken No

Dentist License · Washington Health Care Provider

Credential Number Name Credential Type Status Birth Year
DE00003240 James T Vento Dentist License ACTIVE 1932
DE00007479 Alberto L Enrico Dentist License ACTIVE 1969
DE60742194 Travis W Storey Dentist License ACTIVE 1972
DE00009018 Stephen Brent Harding Dentist License ACTIVE 1969
DE60440593 Justin David Sjulson Dentist License ACTIVE 1981
DE00004969 Robert William Perkins Dentist License ACTIVE 1951
DE60230322 Jennifer W Shaw Dentist License ACTIVE 1974
DE00010252 Khushwant Singh Dentist License ACTIVE 1975
DE60775842 John Nicholas Silvaroli Dentist License ACTIVE 1983
DE00005207 Ralph K Zech Dentist License ACTIVE 1950
DE60059464 Mostafa Kabbani Dentist License ACTIVE 1980
DE00005752 Brian T Povolny Dentist License ACTIVE 1951
DE00010873 Shang-chen Chiu Dentist License ACTIVE 1977
DE00006494 Kevin T Lashinsky Dentist License ACTIVE 1954
DE60475231 Nicholas Robert Sotak Dentist License ACTIVE 1984
DE00006682 Mark C Stockwell Dentist License ACTIVE 1963
DE00007600 Eric Derovanessian Dentist License ACTIVE 1963
DE00010675 William C Kenner Dentist License ACTIVE 1981
DE00009356 Marianna Beetham Dentist License ACTIVE 1976
DE00008694 Van H Vuong Dentist License ACTIVE 1973

Washington Health Care Provider

Credential Number Name Credential Type Status Birth Year
ES00113941 Randy J Raschko Paramedic Certification ACTIVE 1961
RN60132463 Regina Gabrielle Daniels Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1979
VB60162235 Jessica Co Tuason Pharmacy Assistant License ACTIVE 1987
NC60541473 Shewit Yihdego Berhe Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1994
ES00006207 Bryson F Eader EMS Evaluator ACTIVE 1978
MR60709345 Casey Ellen Vogt Medical Assistant Registration ACTIVE 1984
RN00161085 Christie S Lynch Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1969
MA00013270 Kathleen A Miller-read Massage Therapist License ACTIVE 1954
LH00003716 Kimerly Doreen King Mental Health Counselor License ACTIVE 1951
LL00003761 Judith A Fisher Speech Language Pathologist License ACTIVE 1949
LW00005646 Janet Marie Foster Social Worker Independent Clinical License ACTIVE 1951
RN60773753 Jason Paul Steik Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1983
NA00176348 Avrel I Nikiforyan Nursing Assistant Registration ACTIVE 1965
RN00077834 Julie Beckel Johnson Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1958
FC60574304 Renee Dawn Newton Sex Offender Treatment Provider Certification ACTIVE 1977
CG60651841 Amanda Michelle Meyers Counselor Agency Affiliated Registration ACTIVE 1989
DE00010489 Christopher L Rowe Dentist License ACTIVE 1971
RN60619880 Martha G Thompson Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1965
RN60698285 Rebecca Lynn Brejcha Registered Nurse License ACTIVE 1979
LF60541660 Rebekah Erin Callahan Marriage and Family Therapist License ACTIVE 1981