Chester D Smith Dentist License

Chester D Smith is health care provider licensed by Washington State Department of Health. The credential number is DE00002052. The credential type is Dentist License. The license status is EXPIRED.

Chester D Smith · Dentist License

Credential Number DE00002052
Last Name SMITH
First Name CHESTER
Middle Name D
Credential Type Dentist License
Birth Year 1909
First Issue Date 19520801
Last Issue Date 19871211
Expiration Date 19871211
Action Taken No

Dentist License · Washington Health Care Provider

Credential Number Name Credential Type Status Birth Year
DE00002856 Fred I Hasegawa Dentist License ACTIVE 1930
DE00002895 Ronald E Tracy Dentist License ACTIVE 1933
DE00011072 Thomas B Johnson Dentist License ACTIVE 1975
DE00008724 Justin Blake Perkins Dentist License ACTIVE 1971
DE00007189 Michael R Insani Dentist License ACTIVE 1957
DE00007859 Hadi A Nouredine Dentist License ACTIVE 1966
DE00003636 Edward Cary Halpin Dentist License ACTIVE 1939
DE60283391 Spencer Charles Woodbury Dentist License ACTIVE 1966
DE60758544 Reggie Cargill Orozco Dentist License ACTIVE 1988
DE00005165 David Lee Crouch Dentist License ACTIVE 1953
DE00007171 Joseph C Mulrean Dentist License ACTIVE 1948
DE00007505 David J Sherrard Dentist License ACTIVE 1955
DE00006083 Debra Lee Cederbaum Dentist License ACTIVE 1954
DE00009729 Wahid M Elbahr Dentist License ACTIVE 1956
DE00006451 Loretta A Rosier Dentist License ACTIVE 1960
DE00005685 Rodney Brian Wentworth Dentist License ACTIVE 1954
DE00008767 Jeffery C Cole Dentist License ACTIVE 1969
DE00005890 Paul Frank Benoit Dentist License ACTIVE 1953
DE60628837 Ana Katerine Puente Dentist License ACTIVE 1974
DE60373383 Ruben Isaias Alcazar Dentist License ACTIVE 1970

Washington Health Care Provider

Credential Number Name Credential Type Status Birth Year
D160189907 Mahlet Tsigle Woldemariam Dental Assistant Registration ACTIVE 1974
MC60395996 Lindsay Jean James Mental Health Counselor Associate License ACTIVE 1988
NA60421489 Chelsy Lee Radich Nursing Assistant Registration ACTIVE 1986
NT60076865 Marianna B Abrams Naturopathic Physician License ACTIVE 1969
NC60735247 Ariadna J De Dios Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1982
NA60798525 Samrawit Mekonnen Lemeche Nursing Assistant Registration ACTIVE 1991
CM60379624 Andrea K Morrell Medical Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1970
NC60507724 Ashley Anne Simpson Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1993
NC60308249 Arilla Marie Thangaraj Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1992
NA00148364 Eduardo M Laguio Nursing Assistant Registration ACTIVE 1953
OD00001733 Cheryl Mitzel Fenno Optometrist License ACTIVE 1960
PH00015388 John E Winter Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1960
MD00036725 Douglas J Hamill Physician And Surgeon License ACTIVE 1955
DH60098659 Janelle Marie Johnston Dental Hygiene License ACTIVE 1981
PY60253249 Judy P Chang Psychologist License ACTIVE 1955
VB60737912 Leighanne Elizabeth Parker Pharmacy Assistant License ACTIVE 1991
DE00010402 Darcy R Galbraith Dentist License ACTIVE 1979
PT00010087 Sandra J Sendelbach-hasse Physical Therapist License ACTIVE 1967
PH00021557 Cristie L Gilbreth Pharmacist License ACTIVE 1972
NC60133114 Maria S Lim Nursing Assistant Certification ACTIVE 1953