Tran, Chinh Thi Cosmetology Manicurist
6414 Castle Lane Dr, Houston, TX 77066-3920

TRAN, CHINH THI is licensed in Texas. The license type is Cosmetology Manicurist. The license number is #1659726. The license expiration date is 06122017. The address is 6414 Castle Lane Dr, Houston, TX 77066-3920. The zip code is 77066. The county is HARRIS. The owner name is TRAN, CHINH THI. The phone number is 8329859106.

Tran, Chinh Thi · 6414 Castle Lane Dr, Houston, TX 77066-3920

License Type Cosmetology Manicurist
License Number 1659726
Business Name TRAN, CHINH THI
License Expiration Date 06122017
License Subtype MA
Address 6414 CASTLE LANE DR
HOUSTON TX 77066-3920
Zip Code 77066
Owner Telephone 8329859106

Zip 77066 · Cosmetology Manicurist · Texas License

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