Franco, Luis Alfonso Barber, Class A
4200 Weber St, Fort Worth, TX 76106-3008

FRANCO, LUIS ALFONSO is licensed in Texas. The license type is Barber, Class A. The license number is #652137. The license expiration date is 07212018. The address is 4200 Weber St, Fort Worth, TX 76106-3008. The zip code is 76106. The county is TARRANT. The owner name is FRANCO, LUIS ALFONSO. The phone number is 6825536173.

Franco, Luis Alfonso · 4200 Weber St, Fort Worth, TX 76106-3008

License Type Barber, Class A
License Number 652137
License Expiration Date 07212018
License Subtype BA
Address 4200 WEBER ST
FORT WORTH TX 76106-3008
Zip Code 76106
Owner Telephone 6825536173

Zip 76106 · Barber, Class A · Texas License

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Zip 76106 · Texas License

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