Sommer Photo Service Sommer, Scott T.
400 Gunther Way, Sacramento, CA 95819-2513

SOMMER PHOTO SERVICE is business licensed in the city of Sacramento. The account number is 131111. The business description is YOUTH SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHY. The current license status is License Renewed. The address is 400 Gunther Way, Sacramento, CA 95819-2513. The zip code is 95819. The business start date is 2000-09-01. The phone number is 9167315161. The principal owner is SOMMER, SCOTT T..

Sommer Photo Service · 400 Gunther Way, Sacramento, CA 95819-2513

Account Number 131111
Principal Owner SOMMER, SCOTT T.
Location 400 GUNTHER WAY
SACRAMENTO, CA 958192513
Mailing Address 400 GUNTHER WAY
SACRAMENTO, CA 958192513
Current License Status License Renewed
Application Date 2016-06-29
Business Start Date 2000-09-01
Primary Phone Number 9167315161

Zip 95819 · Sacramento Business

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