Alicia's Cleaning Service Alicia Vergara
4500 Stonehedge Way, Sacramento, CA 95823-1925

ALICIA'S CLEANING SERVICE is business licensed in the city of Sacramento. The account number is 1018398. The business description is CLEANING SERVICES. The current license status is Application Cancelled. The address is 4500 Stonehedge Way, Sacramento, CA 95823-1925. The zip code is 95823. The business start date is 2014-06-25. The business close date is 2014-06-25. The phone number is 9166127021. The principal owner is ALICIA VERGARA.

Alicia's Cleaning Service · 4500 Stonehedge Way, Sacramento, CA 95823-1925

Account Number 1018398
Principal Owner ALICIA VERGARA
Location 4500 STONEHEDGE WAY
SACRAMENTO, CA 958231925
Mailing Address 4500 STONEHEDGE WAY
SACRAMENTO, CA 958231925
Business Description CLEANING SERVICES
Current License Status Application Cancelled
Application Date 2014-06-25
Business Start Date 2014-06-25
Business Close Date 2014-06-25
Primary Phone Number 9166127021

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