Industrial Warehouse, LLC Industrial Warehouse, LLC
2629 5th Ave, Sacramento, CA 95818-3505

INDUSTRIAL WAREHOUSE, LLC is business licensed in the city of Sacramento. The account number is 1005389. The business description is COMMERCIAL RENTAL. The current license status is License Expired. The address is 2629 5th Ave, Sacramento, CA 95818-3505. The zip code is 95818. The business start date is 2007-03-13. The business close date is 2017-05-05. The phone number is 4157891045. The principal owner is INDUSTRIAL WAREHOUSE, LLC.

Industrial Warehouse, LLC · 2629 5th Ave, Sacramento, CA 95818-3505

Account Number 1005389
Location 2629 5TH AVE
SACRAMENTO, CA 958183505
Mailing Address 145 CORTE MADERA TOWN CTR
CORTE MADERA, CA 949251285
Business Description COMMERCIAL RENTAL
Current License Status License Expired
Application Date 2016-05-04
Business Start Date 2007-03-13
Business Close Date 2017-05-05
Primary Phone Number 4157891045

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