AMC Ford City 14
7601 South Cicero Ave, Chicago, IL 60652, United States

AMC Ford City 14 · 7601 South Cicero Ave, Chicago, IL 60652, United States

Place Name AMC Ford City 14
Rating 4
Place Address 7601 South Cicero Ave, Chicago, IL 60652, United States
Vicinity 7601 South Cicero Ave, Chicago
Phone Number (773) 582-1778
International Phone +1 773-582-1778
Type movie_theater, point_of_interest, establishment

Review · AMC Ford City 14

Niashanti Brown 5 They did a terrific job of updating this theater. If you have not been in a while, do yourself a favor and go. It is not only safe but modern with the addition of the reclining seats and the bar where you can get an adult beverage to enjoy prior to your movie or while viewing. Also, their popcorn is fresh and they have expanded beverage and food options. I am so glad that I no longer have to travel far out for a nice theater because this one is in my backyard. Erase any negative memories you may have of AMC Ford City 14 because this newly refurbished theater will exceed all of your expectations. Happy movie watching.
purple sassy 5 Me and my family been going to this Theater since 2008 Due to the fact that it was very close in the area and shopping stores near by Before they remodel the theater it was horrible ceilings was open,dirty rug,stain seats..etc Its also very easy to bring chips,candy snacks into this AMC due to the fact that they don`t check your bags To this day you can even go into a different movie after your movie is done with due to the fact that they don`t be watching hard enough Lol (Don`t Come from me) lf you get caught doing that during the new remodel it was making it very hard to find the snack stand and number on the tickets on the wall after everything was finish i walked in this theater wide eye i was so shock everything was really update the seats.touch ticket screen,bar,and touch drink machine,the washroom i could not believe my eyes but yea i do recommend people to go here its not a long drive and chill theater and respectful workers my honest opinion Check it out you would love it
Manuel Davis 5 Great atmosphere new interior bar! Recliner seats r more comfortable than watching at home!! We lost our wallet wit all our bill $ and it was returned!! Integrity is still n da hood!! Thanx lil man!! Bless your heart hope God gives u 10x's wat was n da wallet!! Great place!#
Jean Gray 4 They installed kiosks so patrons can avoid the line to purchase tickets. They usually only have one cashier working. The food lines move fast. Get a stubbs card. They also have big comfy reclining seats. I enjoyed my visit.
Rafael Evans 4 Kudos to AMC for turning what was once a dangerous dump of a cineplex into a very nice theater! With the recent refurbishments and upgrades, now my wife and I don't have to shun our neighborhood theater and head for Chicago Ridge, Crestwood or (when we're desperate) the Chatham 87th street theaters anymore! Well, except for the big, blockbuster films that draw all the young 'uns, because they can be a bit rowdy and annoying. I would think that extra adult staff might remedy this. We try not to see blockbusters here, just smaller, more adult films and it's almost always a great experience. As everyone has commented, the seats are outrageously comfortable and the concessions and the people working behind the counters are usually on point. My only concern is that because there are fourteen screens at Ford City, they just don't have enough staff -- namely, security -- in the event that large groups of patrons (namely teens) decide to get rambunctious. I really wish I could give it 4 1/2 stars!

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