1 Charlie Chaplin Walk, London SE1 8XR, United Kingdom

BFI IMAX · 1 Charlie Chaplin Walk, London SE1 8XR, United Kingdom

Place Name BFI IMAX
Rating 4.5
Place Address 1 Charlie Chaplin Walk, London SE1 8XR, United Kingdom
Vicinity 1 Charlie Chaplin Walk, London
Phone Number 0330 333 7878
International Phone +44 330 333 7878
Type movie_theater, point_of_interest, establishment

Review · BFI IMAX

Wii Lu 4 Caught Star Wars: The Force Awakens here in 3D and the experience was worth every dollar of the ticket price (paid £19.50)! Cushy seats, friendly staff, easy access to tube. The glasses are very comfortable and I got to keep them after. There is a 25-min commercial gap before the movie start and am not sure if it's just because this is a popular moive.
Danil Borisov 3 Not going to lie, the screen is huge. The sounds system is amazing as well - giving you a great watching experience (might be a bit too loud though). However I didn't like the cinema itself: it is difficult to find the entry to the building and there are not so many signs, so you just go around the area in circles trying to find it the first time. The interior of the theatre is very outdates and rundown, the seats are not comfortable (very limited leg room) and there is quite a lot of litter everywhere on busy openings weekends. It is definitely an experience, but I think the building should be renovated already. You go and watch great movies with state of the art technology in a surrounding that simply doesn't match.
Nahian Khan 5 This place had an amazing viewing experience with the curved viewing and comfortable seating. Some might find the steps narrow and steep but other than that it's great. Especially if you had the chance to watch something like Avatar here.
Brian Scotcher 3 Visited the BFI Imax for the first time last week, though its not my first Imax cinema that I have tried. The screen is gigantic, but for movies, the extra height you get at the BFI Imax compared to other Imax cinemas is wasted as most movies are filmed in 16:9 or 2.35:1 format (widescreen or super widescreen). The BFI Imax is almost 4:3 from a spectators perspective (more square than rectangular). Its not really ideally suited for movies - a very large chunk of the top and bottom parts of the screen is obviously not used for movies. If I compare it to my local Cineworld Imax, I'm not that impressed and have to say I wont be spending two hours travelling to use the BFI Imax again. My local Cineworld Imax screen is not as tall or square but does seem wider and more suited to movies. What I really did not like was the dated, uncomfortable and cramped seating - even the premium seats were a squeeze, and you had to stand up and fold up the seat base every time someone wanted to come past. Most Cineworld or modern cinemas these days have room for people to pass without the need for you to stand up, and provide generous legroom for even people well over six foot tall. I also did not like the fact the air-conditioning only seemed to activate once the main feature had begun. It was uncomfortably warm in there during the trailers and adverts. The picture and sound quality were excellent, but the same can also be said for my local Cineworld Imax. I came to the BFI Imax hoping to be blown away by the experience, but sadly I left thinking it was okay.
Ryan Strutin 5 Awesome experience watching on Europe's largest screen! Combined with the impressive sound system, you really feel immersed in the movie. Customer service was friendly. You can get all kinds of food and drink here as well, including wine and beer.

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