Matthew Stitt
Chief Financial Officer · City Council

MATTHEW STITT is employed in the department of CITY COUNCIL, the city of Philadelphia. The position title is CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER. The annual salary in 2017 is $125,000.

Matthew Stitt · City Council

Last Name STITT
First Name MATTHEW
Annual Salary $125,000
YTD Overtime Gross $0
Calendar Year 2017

Matthew Stitt · City Council

Calendar Year Quarter Position Title Annual Salary YTD Overtime Gross
2017 1 CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER $125,000 $0
2016 4 CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER $125,000 $0
2016 3 CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER $120,000 $0
2016 2 CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER $120,000 $0
2016 1 CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER $120,000 $0

City Council · Philadelphia Employee

Luz Colon Community Liaison City Council $57,581
John Christmas Senior Legislative Counsel City Council $150,000
Courtney Voss Chief of Staff City Council $90,300
Beth Strain-berry Director of Constituent Services City Council $46,578
Megan Langhoff Executive Assistant City Council $60,000
Tonyelle Cook-artis City Council Liaison City Council $50,000
Tammy Goodman-byars Administrative Assistant City Council $57,054
Linda Rios Neuby Director of Human Resources City Council $92,372
Leslie Carter Office Manager City Council $60,156
Scott Brown Manager of Veterans Advisory Commission City Council $56,750
Solomon Leach Director of Research and Communications City Council $50,000
Frederick Hess IIi Chief Constituent Services Representative City Council $55,000
Al Spivey Jr Chief of Staff City Council $109,098
Jenaye Munford Project Manager City Council $72,500
Dong Kun Kang Special Assistant City Council $47,000
Christopher Dick Director of Research City Council $59,925
Salomon Moreno-rosa City Council Fellow City Council $0
Jeremy Gradwohl Constituent Serv Rep City Council $45,000
Leslie Winder Senior Advisor To Councilmember City Council $0
Hilary Emerson Chief Legal Housing and Zoning Counsel City Council $55,000

Chief Financial Officer · Philadelphia Employee

Dorean Rooney Chief Financial Officer District Attorney's Office $110,188
Gary De Shields Chief Financial Officer Mayor's Office of Community Services $67,275
Christopher Donato Chief Financial Officer Office of Innovation & Technology $122,001
Tracy Borda Chief Financial Officer Airport / Commerce $160,000