Ardena Starks
Executive Assistant · Personnel Department

ARDENA STARKS is employed in the department of PERSONNEL DEPARTMENT, the city of Philadelphia. The position title is EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT. The annual salary in 2016 is $81,682.

Ardena Starks · Personnel Department

Last Name STARKS
First Name ARDENA
Annual Salary $81,682
YTD Overtime Gross $0
Calendar Year 2016

Ardena Starks · Personnel Department

Calendar Year Quarter Position Title Annual Salary YTD Overtime Gross
2017 1 EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT $81,682 $0
2016 4 EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT $81,682 $0
2016 3 EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT $81,682 $0
2016 2 EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT $79,339 $0
2016 1 EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT $74,995 $0

Executive Assistant · Personnel Department · Philadelphia Employee

Glenn Harper Executive Assistant Personnel Department $81,882

Personnel Department · Philadelphia Employee

Arlene Henry Hiring Services Assistant 2 Personnel Department $43,407
Janine Labletta Hiring Services Manager Personnel Department $82,449
Ntzagke Olufemi Monitor Personnel Department $0
Glenn Harper Executive Assistant Personnel Department $81,882
Virna Foster-clay Clerk 1 Personnel Department $31,412
Nyoshaa Brown Monitor Personnel Department $0
Jacquelyn Ajose Management Trainee Personnel Department $35,099
Jasmine Jones Monitor Personnel Department $0
Pamela Wheeler Monitor Personnel Department $0
Cornell Weaver Human Resources Professional 2 Personnel Department $49,321
Cheryl Bullard Administrative Officer Personnel Department $65,037
Dilip Hasmukhbhai Shah Departmental Payroll Clerk Personnel Department $36,360
Diane Davis Monitor Personnel Department $0
Clartrese Rogers Monitor Personnel Department $0
John John Human Resources Technical Specialist Personnel Department $81,082
Daria Song Clerk Typist 2 Personnel Department $31,761
Jerona Jackson Monitor Personnel Department $0
Marvin Travick Monitor Personnel Department $0
Rashida Xmines Monitor Personnel Department $0
Andre Staton Departmental Aide Personnel Department $30,301

Executive Assistant · Philadelphia Employee

Aviva Kaminsky Executive Assistant Mayor's Office of Chief Admin. Officer $50,000
Ericka Kisleiko Executive Assistant Mayor's Office $42,000
Esther Smarro Executive Assistant Police Department $68,679
Edward Schaefer Executive Assistant Water Department $81,682
Kathleen Lonie Executive Assistant Mayor's Office $82,800
Yvonne Banks Executive Assistant Police Department $81,282
Rae Semidey Executive Assistant Mayor's Office $55,000
Carol Brooks Executive Assistant Airport / Commerce $82,082
Tamalar Geiger Executive Assistant Streets Department $81,882
John Mcnamee Executive Assistant Department of Human Services $82,282
Serigne Fall Executive Assistant Mayor's Office $35,000
Deborah Mckee Executive Assistant Public Property $82,282
Cheryl Reilly Executive Assistant Department of Public Health $81,482
Eileen O Brien Executive Assistant Department of Finance $79,939
Carol Roache Executive Assistant Managing Director's Office $75,000
Judith Wright Executive Assistant Airport / Commerce $81,682
F Eva Hayes Executive Assistant Streets Department $72,343
Tionna Miller Executive Assistant Mayor's Comm. On Schools & Univ Pre-k $42,000
Rebecca Swanson Executive Assistant Managing Director's Office $77,625
Karen Peters Executive Assistant Office of Innovation & Technology $46,575