Christopher Dick
Director of Research · City Council

CHRISTOPHER DICK is employed in the department of CITY COUNCIL, the city of Philadelphia. The position title is DIRECTOR OF RESEARCH. The annual salary in 2017 is $59,925.

Christopher Dick · City Council

Last Name DICK
Annual Salary $59,925
YTD Overtime Gross $0
Calendar Year 2017

Christopher Dick · City Council

Calendar Year Quarter Position Title Annual Salary YTD Overtime Gross
2017 1 DIRECTOR OF RESEARCH $59,925 $0
2016 4 DIRECTOR OF RESEARCH $59,925 $0
2016 3 DIRECTOR OF RESEARCH $59,925 $0
2016 2 DIRECTOR OF RESEARCH $59,925 $0
2016 1 DIRECTOR OF RESEARCH $59,925 $0

City Council · Philadelphia Employee

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