George Haupert Lineper/Cable Spl-L

George Haupert is employed in Utilities, Palo Alto. The job title is Lineper/Cable Spl-L. The total salary paid in 2015 is 162,083.68.

George Haupert · Utilities

Last Name Haupert
First Name George
Department Utilities
Job Title Lineper/Cable Spl-L
Hire Date 9/28/05
Pay Rate 54.59
Regular Salary 117,914.43
Overtime 43,732.53
Cash Out 436.72
Other Wages -
Total 162,083.68
ER Contribution to Med Vision Dental 24,827.58
Contribution to Employee Portion of Pension 25.11
Employer Portion of Pension 31,694.03
ER Contribution Deferred Compensation -
ER Contribution LTD Life Medicare 2,648.48

Lineper/Cable Spl-L · Utilities · Palo Alto Employee

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