Kathleen Whitley Administrative Assistant
Development Services

Kathleen Whitley is employed in Development Services, Palo Alto. The job title is Administrative Assistant. The total salary paid in 2015 is 94,790.40.

Kathleen Whitley · Development Services

Last Name Whitley
First Name Kathleen
Department Development Services
Job Title Administrative Assistant
Hire Date 12/13/04
Pay Rate 41.51
Regular Salary 89,482.40
Overtime -
Cash Out 5,308.00
Other Wages -
Total 94,790.40
ER Contribution to Med Vision Dental 24,827.58
Contribution to Employee Portion of Pension 25.11
Employer Portion of Pension 24,041.45
ER Contribution Deferred Compensation -
ER Contribution LTD Life Medicare 1,959.96

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