Sipple, Robert D. Bldg Maint Mechanic

SIPPLE, ROBERT D. is employed in Police. The job title is Bldg Maint Mechanic. The current annual salary is $40063.78.


Title Bldg Maint Mechanic
Department Police
Annual Salary $40063.78
Employment Status Full Time

Police · Nashville Employee

MILLER, TIMOTHY B Police Officer 2 Police
GREGG, JIMMY L. Police Officer 2 Police
MAYO, NATHAN D Police Officer 2 Police
WELLS JR., JAMES L Police Officer Trainee Police
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ELLIS, JULIE B Crime Lab Forensic Scientist 3 Police

Bldg Maint Mechanic · Nashville Employee

THOMAS JR, CALVIN M Bldg Maint Mechanic Public Library
COX, DENNIS L. Bldg Maint Mechanic Municipal Auditorium
SIPPLE, ROBERT D. Bldg Maint Mechanic Police
CALLIS, JOSEPH K. Bldg Maint Mechanic Public Library
SMITH, RANDY L. Bldg Maint Mechanic Public Library
MENDEZ, CESAR A. Bldg Maint Mechanic General Services