Davis, Michael A Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary
Public Works

DAVIS, MICHAEL A is employed in Public Works. The job title is Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary. The current annual salary is $16843.67.

DAVIS, MICHAEL A · Public Works

Title Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary
Department Public Works
Annual Salary $16843.67
Employment Status Part Time

Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary · Public Works · Nashville Employee

BUFORD, IVAN L. Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary Public Works
WOELK, HENRY W. Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary Public Works
DAVIS, MICHAEL A Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary Public Works
LANKFORD, STEVEN W. Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary Public Works
JACKSON, LAWRENCE Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary Public Works

Public Works · Nashville Employee

SCOTT, ROBERT M. Signal Tech 1 Public Works
VANWYNEN, DYLAN H Equip Operator 2 Public Works
UNDERWOOD, PAULA A Admin Svcs Officer 3 Public Works
POE, HENRY E. Maint & Repair Worker 1 Public Works
CRUMBY, BONITA C Technical Specialist 1 Public Works
PERKINS, ANTWAIN L Maint & Repair Worker 1 Public Works
WEBB, KAREEM J Parking Patrol Officer 1 Public Works
WADE, REGINALD E Equip Operator 3 Public Works
SHARPLEY, TYRUS Equip Operator 3 Public Works
CRUMPLER, ANTHONY K Maint & Repair Worker 1 Public Works
BRADLEY, MARTY L. Maint & Repair Worker 2 Public Works
NICKENS JR, STEVE D Equip Operator 3 Public Works
SHELTON II, JOHN W. Maint & Repair Leader 2 Public Works
JOHNSON, TONY L. Equip Operator 1 Public Works
WEBB, STEPHANIE E. Engineering Tech 3 Public Works
DISMANG, BRANDY N. Office Support Spec 1 Public Works
REID, DONALD L Special Projects Mgr Public Works
ROSADO DEJESUS, ORLANDO Office Support Spec 1 Public Works
GALLINA, BARBARA A. Finance Officer 1 Public Works
THOMPSON, MICHAEL B Equip Operator 3 Public Works

Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary · Nashville Employee

TANGNEY, CLARENCE L Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary General Sessions Court
BROADWAY, JONAE N Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary NCAC
REASONOVER, ZACHARY L Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary State Fair Board
HARVIEUX, CHRISTOPHER M Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary State Fair Board
MORAN-AYALA, RHINA Y Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary NCAC
MOSSA, NANSY Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary NCAC
JERISAN, IRIS Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary NCAC
LAY, ALLEN B Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary State Fair Board
OVERSTREET, FLORA A. Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary County Clerk
SULEIMAN, LAURA S Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary County Clerk
MIZOURY, VINA Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary NCAC
DAVIS, TYLER P Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary NCAC
ALI, YAHYA Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary NCAC
MARSHALL, PATRICIA M Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary Election Commission
ADAME TORRES, JATZIRI B Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary NCAC
VONGSA, DYLAN Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary NCAC
SADEK, AZIZ F Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary NCAC
HAMBRICK, TAMIA N Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary NCAC
LEUZINGER, MARY E Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary Health
FUFA, NAOL Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary NCAC