Nashville Employee


KIMANI, MERCY G Librarian 1 Public Library
PIGUE, JOHN B Info Systems Mgr Assessor of Property
BLACK, DONALD E. Police Officer 2 Police
JONES, DEBORAH D School Crossing Guard Police
CAPLINGER, JORDYN B Part Time Worker 2 Parks
TANGNEY, CLARENCE L Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary General Sessions Court
BLACKWELL, TOM Deputy Criminal Ct Clerk 5 Criminal Court Clerk
WADE, PHILLIP M Fire Fighter 2 Fire
BOWRON, LESTER F Human Resources Analyst 3 Human Resources
MAHOLLAND, ANDREW S Police Officer 2 Police
GLEAVES, JOSHUA D Engineer In Training Water Services
CARTWRIGHT, WILLIAM M. Chief Dpty Clerk-Gen Sess Ct Circuit Court Clerk
SPADAVECCHIA, LEONARD M Police Officer 2 Police
BIRDSONG, SHAQUAUNDRA N. Office Support Spec 2 Water Services
MOORE, SHARON L. Resource Ctr Liaison-NCAC NCAC
HATT, AMANDA L. Emer Telecommunications Off 3 Emergency Communication Center
RANKHORN, SHARON DENISE Probation Officer 2 Juvenile Court
STOVALL, BOWEN H Seasonal Worker 4 Parks
CAMPBELL II, RALPH W Cvn Ctr Event Mgr Convention Center Authority
HESSON, JEANNE S Police Operations Asst 2 Police
ANDERSON, BRITNEY S Public Health Nurse 1 Health
WALL, BRADLEY D Finance Officer 1 Finance
GOOCH-GRIGSBY, CATHERINE Teacher Asst Metro Action Commission
WEBB-FISHER, JERRY J. Equip Operator 1 Public Works
TROTTER, CECIL Indust Maint Supv 2 Water Services
HILLIS, MATTHEW W Treatment Plant Tech 2 Water Services
STAUB, JAMES E Admin Svcs Mgr Public Library
MELTON, EUGENE Paramedic 2 Fire
GETACHEW, RUTH Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary NCAC
SNYDER, JAMES G. Special Projects Mgr Water Services
CUCCIA, SALVADORE G. Police Officer 2 Police
PLUMMER, ANTONETTE M Admin Svcs Officer 3 Water Services
WEESE II, HAROLD P. Info Systems App Analyst 3 Emergency Communication Center
ROCHA, CAROLINA C Circulation Asst 1 Public Library
ALLISON, JOHN A Fire Captain Fire
MATTA, MARINA M Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary NCAC
OLIVE, JAMES R W Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary Election Commission
BURKE, GAIL F Seasonal Worker 2 Parks
PAGE, KARL E Master Tech General Services
BAGGETT, BEN B Hrng Off-Tax Assess Reassessmt Assessor of Property
FLETCHER JR, REUBEN Security Officer 1 Sheriff
SWETT, PAMELA D School Crossing Guard Police
DAVIS, DREW T Office Support Rep 2 Sheriff
PETTY JR, CHARLES D Treatment Plant Tech 2 Water Services
BAZEMORE, EARLENE Sheriff Pretrial Screener Sheriff
SHERRILL, JOHN A. Treatment Plant Tech 2 Water Services
OWSLEY, RANDAL V. Police Officer 2 Police
COOK, DEBORAH L Deputy Criminal Ct Clerk 3 Criminal Court Clerk
ADAMS, RODERICK C Seasonal Worker 4 Parks
SIMS, SELINA D Correctional Officer 1 Sheriff
HOBSON, JANET D Admin Svcs Mgr State Trial Courts
BROWN, VADA M. Finance Officer 2 Finance
JAMISON, MICHAEL M Office Support Spec 1 General Services
UTLEY, EDGAR J Deputy Clerk 1 County Clerk
COLTER, ANGELA P. Envir Compliance Officer 2 Water Services
KENT, MONICA J Crime Lab Forensic Scientist 3 Police
JOHNSTON, GREGORY K Fire Fighter 2 Fire
WHITFIELD, ANTONIA LOUISE Professional Spec Human Resources
SEAY, DAVID R Fire Fighter 2 Fire
ARMSTRONG, RICKI A Police Officer 2 Police
RICHARDSON, QUNINA S Admin Svcs Officer 1 Sheriff
CLARK, NAUDIA T Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary NCAC
EAKES JR, KENNETH L Automotive Mechanic-Cert General Services
HOADLEY, BRENT E. Police Officer 2 Police
KARNES, ERIC D Maint & Repair Worker 3 Parks
SEIDL, JONATHAN P Police Officer 2 Police
UPSHAW, MICHEAL Probation Officer 2 Juvenile Court
RIGGS, MATTHEW G. Sheriff Prisoner Processor 1 Sheriff
DAVIS, RANDY E Security Officer 2 Sheriff
WHARTON, TIMOTHY C Set Up Staff Supv-Conv Ctr Convention Center Authority
FARLEY, LIONEL C. Correctional Officer Sergeant Sheriff
JARED, EMILY L Water Quality Analyst 1 Water Services
HARRISON JR, LARRY D Police Security Guard 1 Police
MILLER, KEYAIERA S Sheriff Case Worker 1 Sheriff
MUSFELDT, KEVIN J Cust Svc Field Rep 2 Water Services
MOSELEY, ROBERT F Equip & Supply Clerk 2 General Services
HAMM, DENNIS J. Police Officer 2 Police
DORRIS, ANGELA M Emer Telecommunications Off 4 Emergency Communication Center
BURTON, STEPHEN M Facility Coord State Fair Board
BLACKMAN, ANDREA D Library Mgr 3 Public Library
JONES, TIMOTHY Fire Captain Fire
TOLER, HARLEY P Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary Trustee
MCMASTER, KYLE M Division Captain-DCSO Sheriff
MACON, BRUCE Custodian 1 Parks
FISH, DEREK S Fire Fighter 2 Fire
HUGHES, GABRIELLE N Deputy Criminal Ct Clerk 5 Criminal Court Clerk
DUGRE, BRIAN L Police Officer 2 Police
CATO-MATHEWS, DEONZA D WO Data Entry Specialist-DCSO Sheriff
LAMB, ROY L Sheriff Maint Mechanic 2 Sheriff
PAPADINEC, RANDALL M. Police Officer 2-Fld Trng Ofcr Police
MCMICHAEL, MAYNETTE A Criminal Investigator Public Defender
SMITH, MARY A Office Support Mgr State Fair Board
PATE, MARY R Asst Pub Defender Public Defender
HERRING, JULIE N. Admin Asst Public Works
COLEMAN, SAMUEL E Council Member Metropolitan Council
GROSS, LORI L. Police Officer 2 Police
SEARS, MATTHEW P Police Lieutenant Police
COLEMAN, ANDREW T. Maint & Repair Worker 1 Public Works
HAWKINS, JUSTIN W. Police Security Guard 1 Police