Nashville Employee


LUCKETT, PHIL J Parks & Recreation Supt Parks
VOGT, SALLY A Office Support Rep 3 Water Services
HALL, WILLIAM A Seasonal Worker 4 Parks
HUPKA, JOHN M Deputy Criminal Ct Clerk 4 Criminal Court Clerk
HENNING, JENNIFER E Police Operations Asst 1 Police
HAAS, BRIAN D Admin Svcs Mgr Fire
BROWN, EVELYN C. Satellite position Register of Deeds
CLARK JR, EMRICK B Police Security Guard 2 Police
WATKINS, TIMOTHY J Information Systems Advisor 1 Emergency Communication Center
GARRISON, LAYNETTE E Circulation Asst 1 Public Library
KENNEDY, PATRICK M. Human Resources Analyst 1 Human Resources
GARCIA, DIANA Teacher Asst Metro Action Commission
EUBANKS, DONTAVEOUS M Police Officer 2 Police
QUARLES, MELODYE T Commun Disease Investigator Health
SEAGROVES, FRED T Application Tech 1 Water Services
FULLER, JACOB G Part Time Worker 3 Parks
MULLINS, AMANDA D Accounting Clerk-Conv Ctr Convention Center Authority
GANDER, JATOREY B Admin Svcs Officer 3 Police
SANFORD, JOHN R Fire Engineer Fire
AUSTIN, WILL E Bldg & Grnds Electrician Parks
SEIDL, JONATHAN P Police Officer 2 Police
HUGAN, BERNADETTE C Admin Svcs Officer 3 Public Library
AMMARELL, BEVERLY D. Engineer 3 Public Works
MORRIS, REBECCA S Medical Admin Asst 1 Health
GAVINS, LYNETTE T Sheriff Case Worker 1 Sheriff
BIGGERSTAFF, ROSS M Application Tech 3 Water Services
WHITE, JAMES M Maint & Repair Worker 3 Parks
STEVENS, DARRYL G Fire Engineer Fire
MORRIS JR, ROBERT J Technical Specialist 1 Water Services
GOOLSBY, SHANNON L School Crossing Guard Police
CARTER, KATHY L Public Health Nurse 1 Health
HOLLEY, KEITH M Police Officer 2 Police
TURBEVILLE, WILLIAM D. Police Officer 2 Police
CRAIG, PAMULA K Deputy Clerk 3 County Clerk
MARTIN, MICHAEL J Recreation Leader Parks
PATTERSON, LESLIE V Part Time Worker 3 Parks
NORFLEET, MARK A. Signal Tech 2 Public Works
HALL, BYRON N Bldg Inspection Chief Codes Administration
HOLLINS, JOSHUA B Police Officer 2 Police
CLAY, MARCUS P Water Maint Tech 2 Water Services
LOPEZ, JALYSSA M Program Spec 2 Health
WOLFE, SHIRLEY A. Sheriff Prisoner Processor 1 Sheriff
CUMMINGS, MICHAEL D Engineering Tech 3 Public Works
SHAW, RICHARD J. Treatment Plant Tech 1 Water Services
GRIFFITHS, ROBERT E. Warrant Officer 2 Juvenile Court
WARD, GEORGE N Police Officer 2 Police
ALLEN, CHARRON L Fire Fighter 2 Fire
LAMPLEY, ALEX J Police Officer 2 Police
JACKSON, HOLLY M. Office Support Rep 2 Juvenile Court Clerk
BROCKMAN, BRIAN L. Fire Fighter 2 Fire
MURRELL, JASON C Police Officer 2 Police
HENRY, RALPH E Security & Parking Off 2-MCC Convention Center Authority
HOFFMAN, MEGAN K Police Officer 2 Police
MORMAN, KRISTEN N Satellite position Circuit Court Satellite
BROWN, LARRY N Maint & Repair Worker 2 Parks
WADE, FREDA A Application Tech 3 Emergency Communication Center
BURWELL, DARTAGNAN T Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary NCAC
BROADWAY, NATALIE N. Program Mgr 1 General Sessions Court
HATCHER, KORTLAND N. Compliance Inspector 1 Public Works
JONES, STEVEN W Police Officer 2 Police
SHANNON, ROLANDO MIGUEL Deputy Criminal Ct Clerk 5 Criminal Court Clerk
HUTCHINSON, IVAN B Engineering Tech 3 Water Services
LEWIS, TONISHA R Headstart Teacher 2 Metro Action Commission
IRWIN, DAVID K Police Officer 2 Police
TAWADROUS, MERVEEN M Headstart Teacher 2 Metro Action Commission
SHREEVE, KELLY S Fire Engineer Fire
WYATT, MEVELYN R Seasonal Worker 4 Parks
HOLLIS, KENNETH D Fire Captain Fire
REID, NAKIA C Police Officer 2 Police
MORRISON III, ROBERT M Fire Fighter 2 Fire
HILLIS, RICKY W Indust Maint Supv 2 Water Services
JUDSON, RUTH Library Page Public Library
RHODES, DELILAH G Office Support Rep 3 Health
MCTEAR, KATHY A. Circulation Asst 2 Public Library
RABICK, JOHN P Deputy Criminal Ct Clerk 5 Criminal Court Clerk
SAHAI, PRIYA Info Systems App Analyst 3 Justice Integration Services
HANNA, AMANI F Interpreter 1 Health
EDWARDS, SARA L Police Operations Asst 2 Police
BROOKS, MICHAEL T Correctional Officer 2 Sheriff
CURRAN, WILLIAM J. Fire Captain Fire
WALLACE JR, REGINALD L Fire Fighter 2 Fire
PORTER, VICTORIA Teacher Asst Metro Action Commission
VALENTINE, KHYRISTA D Food Service Worker II-Seasona Metro Action Commission
BROOKS, MICHAEL L Police Officer 2 Police
CANNON, JAMES K. Satellite position Register of Deeds
ROSS JR, STANLEY L Admin Svcs Officer 1 State Trial Courts
HAMILTON, KENNETH D Cust Svc Field Rep 2 Water Services
BAMARNE, SEKVAN Custodian 1 Parks
CARUTH, JAMES D Police Officer 2 Police
FRAKES, JOSHUA W Bldg Maint Lead Mechanic Parks
CANNON, JANET D Deputy Criminal Ct Clerk 5 Criminal Court Clerk
JONES, AARON L Police Officer 2 Police
BELL, DOUG M. Police Lieutenant Police
SOLES, LAQUISHA D Headstart Teacher 2 Metro Action Commission
HAWKINS, DARYL J Equip & Supply Clerk 3 General Services
DOUGLAS, MICHAEL J. Police Officer 2 Police
STEPHENS, REGINA S Police Sergeant Police