Nashville Employee


HARTMAN JR, ROBERT M. Sheriff Pretrial Screener Sheriff
RIVERA, IVETTE M RIVERA Teacher Asst Metro Action Commission
MURPHY, KENDALL B Fire Fighter 2 Fire
BULLOCK, WENDY G School Crossing Guard Police
TINSLEY, JAMES T Engineering Tech 3 Water Services
UNRUH, KASEY L Y Correctional Officer 1 Sheriff
MCCORD, MICHAEL R Police Officer 2 Police
ROBERTS, JOANNA R Librarian 1 Public Library
LINEWEAVER, RICHARD D Water Maint Tech 3 Water Services
JEPSEN, BRYAN W Correctional Officer 2 Sheriff
ALLEN, SARAH L Info Systems App Analyst 1 Public Library
SOLOMON, TA'DAJAH L Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary NCAC
HOFFMAN, JULIE A Police Operations Coord 1 Police
LUTON, TRACY R Engineering Tech 3 Public Works
HAMM, RUSLYN H. School Crossing Guard Police
WHITE III, HARRY E Fire Captain Fire
BOUCHIE, COURTNEY R Crime Scene Technician 1 Police
JOHNSON SR, MARK V Deputy Criminal Ct Clerk 5 Criminal Court Clerk
NIXON, WHITNEY L School Crossing Guard Police
COOK, DAVID L Extension Agent 3 Agricultural Extension
WILLIAMS, CHARLENE C Social Work Tech Juvenile Court
BODDIE, CHARLES J Human Resources Mgr Public Works
GRADY, JAMES B. Police Officer 2 Police
NICHOLSON, DUSTIN T Correctional Officer Trainee Sheriff
ROTTERO, STEVE A. Treatment Plant Tech 2 Water Services
PIRTLE, JULIAN M Police Officer 2 Police
SNOW, MARTHA H Public Hlth Nurse Practitioner Health
GULLATTE, WESLEY D Admin Svcs Mgr Water Services
MACK, RACHEL C Crime Lab Forensic Scientist 3 Police
GIBSON, JEFFREY R Police Sergeant Police
BLAKE, MONICA S. Police Officer 2 Police
POTTS JR, TOMMY G Fire Engineer Fire
CALVIN, MICHAEL ROSS Fire Fighter 2 Fire
THROWER, TREVOR S Maint & Repair Worker 2 Parks
BLACK, CATHERINE M Headstart Teacher 2 Metro Action Commission
CAMPBELL, JOHN T. Police Sergeant Police
VIVRETTE, SHANE N. Emerg Medical Tech 2 Fire
SMITH, MARGARETTA B Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary State Trial Courts
BAKER, BRIAN RAY Fire Engineer Fire
WHITEHEAD, KARIN A Application Tech 3 Human Resources
FONTAINE, PETER A Bureau Director Health
REID, KEVIN E Program Coord Parks
PRATER, CHRISTOPHER A Sheriff Warrant Officer 1 Sheriff
KEELING, CHARLENE School Crossing Guard Police
BENNETT JR, DAVID C Fire Engineer Fire
HALE, RANDY Info Systems App Analyst 2 Police
STOKES, WILLIAM S. Police Officer 2 Police
TAYLOR, WILLIAM L Info Systems App Analyst 3 Assessor of Property
WEAKLEY, CHAD W. Fire Fighter/Paramedic Fire
BEGA, CRAIG R Police Officer 2 Police
JACKSON, TAMELA JANEEN Office Support Spec 1 Health
WARD, CORINA M Admin Svcs Officer 2 Police
PITTMAN, SPENCER L Police Officer 2 Police
VITOLINS, VIKTOR A Fire Fighter 2 Fire
HORNBERGER, GWENDOLYN E. Information Sys Oper Tech 2 Information Technology Service
HOTZ, MICHAEL P Police Sergeant Police
HILLMAN, JOYCE W Contract Admin Social Services
KELLEY, JAMES H Engineering Tech 3 Water Services
SCHWARZ, ALLISON S Public Health Nurse 1 Health
BURWELL, DARTAGNAN T Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary NCAC
GIBBS, MELANEICE R Deputy Clerk 2 County Clerk
HALEY, TINA L Inmate Prop Clerk-DCSO Sheriff
AVANT JR, CURTIS L Park Police Sergeant Parks
HARRELL, LEAH M Info Systems App Analyst 3 Information Technology Service
WEBB, LISA D. Circulation Asst 2 Public Library
TRUE JR, CHARLES W Indust Tech Master Water Services
MORSE, SARA L Library Mgr 1 Public Library
CUCCIA, SALVADORE G. Police Officer 2 Police
LAMB, ROY L Sheriff Maint Mechanic 2 Sheriff
NORRIS, CLARE B Appraiser 3 Assessor of Property
EVANS, RHONDA J. Admin Svcs Officer 3 Police
RAGLAND, SONJA D Information Sys Oper Analyst 3 Information Technology Service
CURRAN, MARIA Paramedic 2 Fire
WHITE, MICHAEL L Treatment Plant Tech 1 Water Services
GRANT, ANITA SUE School Crossing Guard Police
BRASSELL, MICHELLE N. Program Supv State Trial Courts
CURRAN, WILLIAM M Fire Captain Fire
PAGE, JOHN D Set Up Staff-Convention Ctr Convention Center Authority
KIK, KENNETH S Fire Fighter/Paramedic Fire
MCMANMAN, RYAN A Police Officer 2 Police
WRIGHT, CHARLES E Water Maint Tech 3 Water Services
ASHBURN III, JAMES M. Sheriff Maint Mechanic 2 Sheriff
JOSEPH, JASON O Correctional Officer 1 Sheriff
SARGENT, CLARK B Correctional Officer 2 Sheriff
MORRISON, ROBERT M School Crossing Guard Police
BURKE III, HAROLD M Police Lieutenant Police
DAUGHERTY, GEOFFREY T Police Officer 2 Police
LOWRY, RICHARD A. Police Sergeant Police
CARPENTER, KAREN A. Office Support Spec 1 Sheriff
YOUNG, EDNA L. Sheriff Releasing Officer Sheriff
FITZGERALD, LAUREN E Library Assoc 1 Public Library
KILBANE, MICHAEL F Information Sys Media Tech 1 Information Technology Service
PARKS, JACQUELYN LOUISE Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary General Sessions Court
WHITTEMORE, HENRY L Seasonal Worker 4 Parks
YOUNG, ROBERT A. Police Officer 2 Police
PRUITT, SYBIL A. Sheriff Education Coord Sheriff
FARMER, JACQUELINE L School Crossing Guard Police
QUIROUETTE, CYNTHIA E. Police Officer 2 Police
HOBBS, ALYSSA J. Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary NCAC