Nashville Employee


MILLER, MARY S. Teacher Asst Metro Action Commission
ARNOLD, OWEN G. Criminal Investigator Public Defender
JOHNSON, JASON T. Application Tech 3 Water Services
CROW, T DANIEL Equip Inventory Asst 1 General Services
MARTIN, BRENDA B Custodian 1 Public Library
WEBER, JASON S Correctional Officer 1 Sheriff
GASTON JR, HARRY T Security Officer 1 Sheriff
BURNETT, IRIS C Headstart Teacher 2 Metro Action Commission
FLY, JERRE M. Police Officer 2 Police
CONRADS JR, EDWARD C Police Officer 2 Police
GEORGE, MCKINLEY D Emer Telecommunications Off 1 Emergency Communication Center
CARUTHERS, JAMES A Indust Maint Supv 2 Water Services
HUTTON, TYLER G Police Officer 2 Police
DURHAM, STEVEN J Indust Electronics Tech 2 Water Services
BOEHM JR, WILLIAM E Paramedic 2 Fire
LYONS, ROSE MARY License Inspector 1 County Clerk
FORTE, KEVIN M Seasonal Worker 3 Parks
CROSS, JOSHUA A Paramedic 2 Fire
REIMELS, BONNIE N. Circulation Asst 2 Public Library
HUTCHERSON, JOHN R. Admin Svcs Officer 2 Sheriff
BRATCHER, KRISTIE L Admin Svcs Officer 3 Sheriff
LEACH, LANIQUE C Office Support Rep 1 Juvenile Court Clerk
MENEESE, JACQUES A Seasonal Worker 2 Parks
LOVE, DEMARIUS K Admin Asst General Sessions Court
BROOKS, TAMMARA B Application Tech 3 Finance
LYLE, BRENDA V Office Support Rep 3 Health
THORNTON, VIRGINIA A Recreation Leader Parks
TAYLOR, RINONA L Office Support Spec 1 Health
SYKES, KEVIN M Naturalist 2 Parks
MARTIN, MICHELLE D Custodian 1 Public Library
TURNER, JAMES D Hrng Off-Tax Assess Reassessmt Assessor of Property
HAGAR, RHONDA R Admin Asst Police
HUDDLESTON, JOSHUA W Fire Fighter 2 Fire
HAYES, PATRICIA S Social Worker 3 Public Defender
DOZIER, STEVEN L. Fire Captain Fire
SEARCY, ROGER M. Information Sys Oper Tech 1 Information Technology Service
BRIGHT, EMILY N Crime Lab Forensic Scientist 3 Police
UTLEY, EDGAR J Deputy Clerk 1 County Clerk
BELCHER, JOSHUA T Emerg Medical Tech 2 Fire
STEVENSON, WILLIAM T Security Officer 2-Gen Sess Ct General Sessions Court
DYE, VICTORIA G Public Health Nurse 1 Health
PEERCY, CHRISTOPHER J. Police Officer 2 Police
WILES, KEVIN L Police Officer 2 Police
MADDEN JR, RICHARD W. Maint & Repair Worker 3 Public Works
FRASIER, CRISTINA R Program Mgr 1 State Trial Courts
SPURLOCK, SHELLEY P Admin Svcs Officer 3 Sheriff
WHITESIDE, RENNA M Outreach Worker Health
DAVIS III, HUEY J Emer Telecommunications Off 3 Emergency Communication Center
HUDSON II, TONY D License Inspector 1 County Clerk
ANGLE, JORDON M Paramedic 2 Fire
MCFALLS, PHILLIP C Sheriff Classification Cou Sheriff
WOELK, HENRY W. Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary Public Works
MOONEY, CAROLYN P Appraiser 1 Assessor of Property
JONES, MICHAEL B Librarian 1 Public Library
ANDERSON, KATHLEEN Police Operations Coord 1 Police
ALEXANDER, RANDALL H. Police Lieutenant Police
TACKETT, JUDITH R Contract Admin Social Services
LAWSON, RUSSELL D Equip Operator 3 Public Works
JONES, EDNA J Safety Coord Public Works
NELSON, KRISHANA DENISE Security Officer 2 Sheriff
MAHOLLAND, ANDREW S Police Officer 2 Police
KING, JASON A Police Officer 2 Police
BROCKMAN, BRIAN L. Fire Fighter 2 Fire
MOORE, KRISTI L Headstart Teacher 2 Metro Action Commission
PRADINES, JERRY R Paramedic 2 Fire
MCKINNEY, CIARA D Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary NCAC
CARTER-BELLARD, ALICE S Office Support Rep 3 Health
WILLIAMS, BETTY R School Crossing Guard Police
INGRAM JR, EDGAR D Concessions Clerk 1 Parks
DENHAM, DAVID W Police Officer 2 Police
DERKACH, EVANNA J Circulation Supv Public Library
CRIM, JENNIFER D Attorney 2 Law
DUENSING, ZACHERY T Program Spec 3 Public Library
MUSFELDT, KEVIN J Cust Svc Field Rep 2 Water Services
LEACH, JEFFREY R Finance Officer 3 Planning Commission
SPENCER, JASON R Police Sergeant Police
MERRITT, JAMES S Maint & Repair Supv Parks
STAGG, JOSHUA J. Correctional Officer 1 Sheriff
WILSON, KEVIN L Fire Fighter 2 Fire
TEMPLE, RONNIE W Sheriff Case Worker 2 Sheriff
RIGSBY, ERNEST E Technical Specialist 1 District Attorney
ALLEN, GEORGE T. Compliance Inspector 1 Public Works
LEAVELL, MCKENNEY A Seasonal Worker 4 Parks
MCCULLOUGH, RONALD A Satellite position Circuit Court Satellite
BLACKBURN, MELISSA K General Session Judge General Sessions Court
WASHINGTON, QUANISHA S Security Officer 1 Sheriff
FITCHEARD, JILL M Criminal Investigator Public Defender
SMITH, CHRISTY M Deputy Clerk & Master II Clerk and Master
RAINES, MICHAEL L Technical Specialist 1 General Services
LYNCH JR, PETER E. Police Officer 2-Fld Trng Ofcr Police
PITTS, KIMBERLY M Teacher Asst Metro Action Commission
GEARY, NEIL R Part Time Worker 2 Parks
FISH, DEREK S Fire Fighter 2 Fire
THOMAS II, AARON Police Officer 2 Police
JOHNSON, CLAYTON S Library Assoc 1 Public Library