Nashville Employee


COON, MICHELE L. Police Lieutenant Police
GOLDBERG, LAWRENCE Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary Health
MCDOWELL, ROBERT C Treatment Plant Shift Supv Water Services
OWEN, JULIE O Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary State Fair Board
SATISFIELD, ALEJANDRA G Correctional Officer 1 Sheriff
COFFEY, ALBERT J Automotive Mechanic General Services
MORRIS, HOWARD H Trans Licensing Insp 2 Public Works
TINSLEY, ANDREW J Technical Specialist 1 General Services
SHANNON JR, GARY D Police Officer 2 Police
SIMPKINS, DEBRA A. Judicial Asst 2 State Trial Courts
ROBESON, LESLIE S Human Resources Admin Health
REYNOLDS, PAULA R. Application Tech 3 General Services
DOUTHARD, GWENEVERE L School Crossing Guard Police
QUEEN, JENNIFER L Librarian 1 Public Library
WILSON, WILLIAM J Fire Fighter 2 Fire
HOWLETT, MATTHEW S. Police Sergeant Police
SCHADE, JIM Deputy Criminal Ct Clerk 4 Criminal Court Clerk
FUGATE JR, TIMOTHY R Seasonal Worker 3 Parks
PARHAM, DONALD R Compliance-Monitoring Mgr Metro Action Commission
TAYLOR III, CLYDE E Security Officer 2 Sheriff
LONDON, JANICA L Headstart Teacher 2 Metro Action Commission
SLEDGE, PETER C Council Member Metropolitan Council
AL AMIRI, ZEINAB Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary Health
SMITH JR, JAMES L. Police Sergeant Police
HUTCHISON, ANGELICA F Correctional Officer 2 Sheriff
BOATMAN, BEULAH MAI Office Support Rep 3 Fire
HEFLIN, CHRISTOPHER M. Fire Fighter 2 Fire
DAUGHERTY, JOHN W Police Officer 2 Police
SAWYER, JAMES M. Correctional Officer Lieut Sheriff
MOORE, MEGAN M Domestic Vio Victim Adv-MO Office of Family Safety
GULY, EMAN Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary NCAC
LEWIS, KEVIN C Correctional Officer Lieut Sheriff
DAVIS, ANDREW J Police Officer 2 Police
HULAN, RICHARD MARC Fire Fighter 2 Fire
PATTON, JOHN T Police Officer 2 Police
STEPHENS, JAMES D. Police Lieutenant Police
YAKOUB, MARTHA S Deputy Clerk 3 County Clerk
ARRINGTON, MICHAEL W Fire Fighter 2 Fire
KENNEDY, DEBORAH LOUREE Emerg Medical Tech 2 Fire
DANIEL, JOE K Technical Specialist 2 Police
CRUM, MICHAEL A Fire Captain Fire
POTTS JR, TOMMY G Fire Engineer Fire
JOHNSON, KAREN Y Council Member Metropolitan Council
SPANN, VIVECA H. Nutrition Site Coord Social Services
ROYSTER, JESSICA K Program Spec 1 State Trial Courts
HINKEL, TANNER N Food Service Worker II-Seasona Metro Action Commission
BIGGS, KEVIN A Indust Tech Master Water Services
KIRKPATRICK, GLYNIS D Library Assoc 1 Public Library
GRAMSE, WILLIAM R Paramedic 2 Fire
RADFORD, TERESA N Computer Operator 3 Police
LUGG, ANDREW M Correctional Officer 2 Sheriff
CALHOUN, ALAN E Juvenile Ct Referee 2 Juvenile Court
LOPEZ, JHULIANA Correctional Officer 2 Sheriff
HIBBS, NATHAN R Correctional Officer 2 Sheriff
YATES, TIMOTHY L. Equip Operator 3 Public Works
VANATTA, MARIO A Indust Mechanic 2 Water Services
HAAS, BRIAN D Admin Svcs Mgr Fire
COTTLE, JOSEPH S Information Sys Oper Analyst 1 Information Technology Service
SEARCY-BIGGS, KELLY R Office Support Rep 3 Water Services
HALE, LESLIE C Police Officer 2 Police
CRUSE, RONALD W. Correctional Officer 1 Sheriff
COPELAND JR, JACK E Call Center Operator-DCSO Sheriff
COCHRAN, TERRELL K Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary NCAC
MILLER, REBECCA E Asst District Attorney District Attorney
PHOUTHAVONG, MEGAN A Library Page Public Library
JACKSON, TERRY E Program Coord Parks
PENN JR, WILLIAM Codes Admin Asst Dir Codes Administration
NICHOLSON, ADAM M Police Officer Trainee Police
FINCH, CANDY G. Satellite position Circuit Court Satellite
SEIGENTHALER, CATHERINE P. Health Manager 2 Health
PINKERTON, CORA J Homemaker Social Services
COLE, MARK R Maint & Repair Worker 2 Parks
GRAHAM, DELBA Q Correctional Officer 1 Sheriff
MOTT, COURTNEY R Admin Svcs Officer 3 Election Commission
HINES, KATHARLYN M Police Operations Asst 2 Police
STEPHENS, RANDALL K. Equip Operator 3 Public Works
KELLEY, DAVID R Security & Parking Off 2-MCC Convention Center Authority
QUARTERMAN, ANN E. Deputy-Tax Accounting Trustee
WATTENBARGER, GINA J Deputy Criminal Ct Clerk 2 Criminal Court Clerk
RUTLEDGE, PAMELA L Correctional Officer 2 Sheriff
SHELTON, DAVID M Fire Fighter/Paramedic Fire
DENSON, FAYE Y. Police Officer 2 Police
SEIBEL, JOHN W Emerg Medical Tech 1 Fire
MANNING, DONNA D. Public Health Nurse 1 Health
IRVING, DOUGLAS J Food Inspector 1 Health
SHIPMAN, DAVID A Appraiser 2 Assessor of Property
FAIRCHILD, JESSICA L Correctional Officer 1 Sheriff
BRYANT, ANTHONY M Paramedic 2 Fire
LESTER JR, GEORGE C Laundry Officer-DCSO Sheriff
NORRICK, CHAD A Admin Asst Police
MORRIS-FREELY, EBONIE C Treatment Plant Tech 2 Water Services
ADAK, YUNUS Police Officer Trainee Police
PATTERSON, TERESA A Office Support Rep 3 Codes Administration
HENNING, JOSHUA M Water Maint Leader 2 Water Services
MURRAY, JAMES D Fire Engineer Fire
DAUGHERTY, ROBERT WAYNE Automotive Svc Writer General Services
HADDOX, TRAVELL W Set Up Staff-Convention Ctr Convention Center Authority