Nashville Employee


VALENZUELA, OSCAR G Bldg Maint Leader Police
FRAZIER, JARRED A Police Officer 2 Police
PRICE, SHARON A Medical Admin Asst 1 Health
ROBERTS, BRADLEY G Fire Captain Fire
QUILES, SETH I Police Officer 2 Police
PATE, MICHAEL E Engineering Tech 3 Water Services
HUNTER, MICHAEL T. Correctional Officer 1 Sheriff
BROWN, ALANA C Fire District Chief Fire
SCHAFFNER, MARIA C Probation Officer 2 General Sessions Court
VAUGHN, STEPHEN A Fire Fighter 2 Fire
OSBORNE, JOSEPH Q Waste Mgmt Supt Public Works
WALLACE-IRBY, LYDIA G PF& Comm Engagement Adv II-MAC Metro Action Commission
BRADFIELD, MARK H Admin Svcs Officer 4 Parks
PHILLIPS, JANICE E EHS Hlth Mentl Hlth & Dis Coor Metro Action Commission
MOHON, GLENN A Technical Specialist 2 General Services
KLIMA, STEPHANIE L. Custodian 1 Public Library
WEAVER, ROBERT O. Police Sergeant Police
POTTER, MARGO R Office Support Rep 3 Codes Administration
GHEE, RICHARD M Fire Fighter 2 Fire
CAMPBELL IV, HOWELL H Maint & Repair Worker 2 Parks
GRAMSE, WILLIAM R Paramedic 2 Fire
SHAW, LINDA F Public Health Nurse 1 Health
KININGHAM, LISA M Information Systems Advisor 2 Justice Integration Services
JUSTICE, JEFFREY T Equip Mechanic General Services
BAKER, TRENTON R. Police Officer 2 Police
GOOCH, JASON R Seasonal Worker 4 Parks
BLEA, RONNIE E. Fire Captain Fire
JONES, JACQUELINE H. Parks & Recreation Supt Parks
DURHAM, WILLIAM E Police Officer 2-Fld Trng Ofcr Police
BUTLER, DWAYNE Correctional Officer Lieut Sheriff
MARCHAK, ALEX M Police Officer 2 Police
MANIVONG, TYLER V Police Officer Trainee Police
MENDES, ROBERT J Council Member Metropolitan Council
TEMPLE, MICHAEL R Fire Fighter/Paramedic Fire
WADE, FREDA A Application Tech 3 Emergency Communication Center
PARHAM, TATIANA M Seasonal Worker 4 Parks
FREDERICK, COREY M Library Assoc 1 Public Library
SEGED, SAMUEL L Water Quality Analyst 3 Water Services
FOSTER, STEPHEN A. Equip Operator 2 Water Services
DEAN, SEAN J Information Sys Oper Anal 2 Information Technology Service
FUNK, GLENN R District Attorney General District Attorney
ABDOU, RIMON M Finance Officer 2 Finance
ALLEN, BRIAN J Police Officer 2 Police
MCDONIEL, KIMBERLY N Finance Asst Dir Finance
DALEY, CHRISTOPHER G. Correctional Officer 2 Sheriff
HINTON, SHAWN D Technical Specialist 1 General Services
ILES, MYRIAH N Police Officer 2 Police
TOWNSEND, TIM Ct Admin State Trial Courts
GREER, CYNTHIA F Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary State Fair Board
HANNAH, JERRY W Fire Fighter 2 Fire
REED, JEFFERY A. Maint & Repair Worker 1 Public Works
WAIR, GARY D. Maint & Repair Leader 2 Public Works
DICKENS, RODNEY A Equip Operator 3 Public Works
LAYNE, DANIEL J. Police Officer 2 Police
HILL, TIMOTHY P. Satellite position Register of Deeds
HARCOMBE, MARY K Assoc Pub Defender Public Defender
PARKS, STEVEN WAYNE Police Officer 2 Police
DOAK, ROBERT W. Police Lieutenant Police
GOSSAGE, JEFFERY L. Finance Asst Dir Finance
HERMAN JR, LARRY R Equip Operator 2 Water Services
HARRIS, FREDERICK E Probation Officer 3 Juvenile Court
MARKLEIN, JONATHAN L Police Sergeant Police
OSUNA, MICHAEL S Police Officer 2 Police
RUCKER, TERRY D. Maint & Repair Worker 3 Public Works
KEELING, CHARLENE School Crossing Guard Police
HOLLAND-SALMON, JANICE L Office Support Rep 2 Election Commission
SHELTON, TAYLOR M Concessions Clerk 1 Parks
WILLIAMS, MELISSA D Circulation Asst 1 Public Library
LARSON, DEANNA L Library Assoc 1 Public Library
ROHWEDER, SHAUN W Police Sergeant Police
LUCKADO, WILLIAM C Set Up Staff Supv-Conv Ctr Convention Center Authority
LEVY, DONALD J Correctional Officer Sergeant Sheriff
DOMINGUEZ, LEONCIO G Admin Svcs Officer 4 Water Services
STURTEVANT, MARK A Dir of Infrasturcture-Mayor's Mayor's Office
GUEST, HAYDEN J. Warrant Officer 1 Circuit Court Clerk
SHERRELL, MICKIE J Admin Svcs Officer 4 Police
YOUNG JR, JAMES Judicial Asst 1 State Trial Courts
ANDERSON, JAMES W. Equip Operator 3 Public Works
KIMBRO, JOHN J. Part Time Worker 2 Parks
LAFARGUE, JEROME H Info Systems App Analyst 3 Police
BARRETT JR, JAMES M Treatment Plant Shift Supv Water Services
JOBE, JEFFERY E Police Officer 2 Police
GRAVES, DOUGLAS L Fire District Chief Fire
HUPKA, JOHN M Deputy Criminal Ct Clerk 4 Criminal Court Clerk
JAMES, NORMAN T Fire Fighter 2 Fire
PAYNE, JOSHUA A Fire Fighter 2 Fire
BRADY, STEVEN B. Police Sergeant Police
SHIELDS, MARTIN D Equip Mechanic General Services
FRENCH II, ARCHIE L. Equip Operator 3 Public Works
SCHWARZ, ALLISON S Public Health Nurse 1 Health
HOPKINS, KELVIN G. Sheriff Warrant Officer 1 Sheriff
SWOPE II, ROBERT D Council Member Metropolitan Council
RAY, GARY L Fire Engineer Fire
GROVE, RAMONA K Legal Secretary 1 District Attorney
FREEMAN, MARY R Probation Officer 2 General Sessions Court
TINNON, DANIEL L. Fire Fighter 2 Fire
HARRIS, CONTEE N Aquatics Coord Parks
SEGAL, MARTHA W Water Svcs Asst Dir Water Services
SUMNER, LEANNE S Asst Pub Defender Public Defender