Nashville Employee


TRAYLOR II, KENNETH R Correctional Officer Trainee Sheriff
WHITE, MATTHEW K Police Officer 2 Police
TUCKER, DAVID M Water Svcs Asst Dir Water Services
NELSON, KRISHANA DENISE Security Officer 2 Sheriff
HICKS, BRANDON N Police Officer 2 Police
ABDIRAHMAN, MARIAN H Warrant Officer 1 Juvenile Court
CATES, COURTNEY R Correctional Officer 2 Sheriff
OLDHAM, MIRACLE L Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary NCAC
GIBSON, CHRISTINE V Compliance Inspector 3 Codes Administration
GOMEZ, JUAN R Park Police 1 Parks
VOGT, SALLY A Office Support Rep 3 Water Services
MOORE, JONAH J Seasonal Worker 4 Parks
FISHER, BENJAMIN S Police Officer 2 Police
CANTRELL, KELLY J Police Officer 2 Police
BOURNE, MELISSA K Asst Pub Defender Public Defender
DODSON JR, THOMAS L Technical Specialist 2 Water Services
HANSON, KRISTINE M Ambassador 1 -MCC Convention Center Authority
MCCUTCHEON, JAWON C Security Officer 1 Sheriff
KUBALA, KANDY L Emer Telecommunications Off 3 Emergency Communication Center
DAY, DAVID MICHAEL Indust Electrician 1 Water Services
MCADAMS III, RALPH M Correctional Officer 2 Sheriff
CHISHOLM, JUSTIN S. Police Officer 2-Fld Trng Ofcr Police
ADAMS-BOWLES, SUE A Human Resources Admin Human Resources
WILLIAMS, AMBER M Program Coord Public Library
BUCHANAN, MARGARET Office Support Spec 1 Social Services
GRIFFY, JARROD J Correctional Officer 1 Sheriff
RIDDLE, JOHN K Police Officer 2 Police
ADAMS, RODNEY F Security Officer 2 Sheriff
ADAMS, CHRISTOPHER H Indust Mechanic 2 Water Services
TAYLOR, KEITH L Recreation Leader Parks
CORNWELL, BONITA W Office Support Spec 2 Water Services
HAMPTON, TIMOTHY L Fire Engineer Fire
HEARN, LISA R Specialized Skills Instr Parks
COVERT, KEITH Police Officer 2 Police
FONTANA, EVELYN D. Engineer 3 Water Services
COMER, GREGORY C Fire Captain Fire
NGUYEN, TIEN N Police Officer 2 Police
FLOWERS II, LARRY W Maint & Repair Worker 3 Parks
STOREY, ROBERT D Database Admin Sheriff
LANGSTON, JUDY K. Emer Telecommunications Superv Emergency Communication Center
BAKER, JONATHAN S School Crossing Guard Police
KUOPPAMAKI, ANN LOUISE Planner 1 Water Services
CRENSHAW, FELICA F. Sheriff Prisoner Processor 1 Sheriff
HENDERSON, SCOTT M. Police Officer 2 Police
ALLEN, BRIAN D Seasonal Worker 5 Parks
GIBSON, MICHELE N. Sheriff Prisoner Proc 2 Sheriff
RIGALI, RICK D Maint & Repair Worker 2 Parks
TILLEY, WESLEY C Police Officer 2 Police
JEANSONNE, TAYLOR M Police Officer 2 Police
BLACK, DONALD E. Police Officer 2 Police
MATTHEWS, ROBERT S Concessions Clerk 2 Parks
MCLEAN, ELIZABETH A Deputy Criminal Ct Clerk 5 Criminal Court Clerk
REED, DIANA L Satellite position Circuit Court Satellite
COOK, MESHAWN Y Complliance Officer-DCSO Sheriff
VIVRETTE, SHANE N. Emerg Medical Tech 2 Fire
BEISZER, STEPHEN Fire Engineer Fire
HANSEL, KATHRYN L Asst Pub Defender Public Defender
SHIPMAN, CYNTHIA L Office Support Rep 3 Health
WHITED, BLAINE K Police Lieutenant Police
SHAHAN, JOHN R Part Time Worker 2 Parks
HUMES, DAVID W Police Sergeant Police
PERRY, DONALD E. Fire/Emt Dispatcher Emergency Communication Center
PALMER, WALLACE B Fire Fighter 2 Fire
SOTO, PATRICIA K. Admin Svcs Officer 4 State Trial Courts
GEIST, BENJAMIN T Seasonal Worker 3 Parks
BECK, ELINOR M. Satellite position Register of Deeds
KNALL, DARRELL B Water Maint Tech 2 Water Services
HARRISON, ERID N Police Officer 2 Police
MURPHY, DOUGLAS W Case Officer 1 State Trial Courts
CASS, MICHAEL S Communication Dir- Mayor's Off Mayor's Office
THOMPSON, KEITHA C Legal Secretary 2 Public Defender
GENTRY JR, HOWARD C Criminal Ct Clerk Criminal Court Clerk
HAWKINS, CALE E. Paramedic 2 Fire
MOORE JR, JOE DURK Paramedic 2 Fire
SLOSS, JULIUS A Admin Svcs Mgr Juvenile Court Clerk
CASTRO, KAYLA N Police Operations Coord 1 Police
MATHIS, WILLIAM E Police Officer 2 Police
FUNK, ERIC M Police Officer 2 Police
PEERCY, CHRISTOPHER J. Police Officer 2 Police
EAKES, MELINDA S Van Driver Social Services
PATTERSON, DAVID H. Computer Operations Shift Supv Circuit Court Clerk
FRIEDMANN, STARLA M. Finance Officer 3 Finance
PLUMMER, STACEY S. Admin Svcs Officer 3 Circuit Court Clerk
GREGORY, MONICA M Food Svs Transport Dvr-Season Metro Action Commission
WHEELER, GREGORY A. Fire Fighter 2 Fire
KNIGHT, HEATHER A Info Systems App Analyst 3 Information Technology Service
MCBEE, KIM M. Recreation Leader Parks
PYTLEWSKI, ASHLEY C. Police Operations Coord 1 Police
WARDEN, MARSHALL S Sheriff Warrant Officer 1 Sheriff
ETHERIDGE, SHAWNEE M Emer Telecommunications Off 1 Emergency Communication Center
SMITH, JOSEPH ANDREW Engineer 3 Public Works
PYLKAS, MATTHEW J. Police Lieutenant Police
SCOTT JR, PHILLIP W Treatment Plant Tech 1 Water Services
EVRENSON, TATYANA C. Director of Programs - NCAC NCAC
THOMPSON, PAUL L Fire Captain Fire
RUHL, STEPHANIE C Library Assoc 1 Public Library
HALE, THOMAS B Indust Mechanic 2 Water Services
LOPEZ, JALYSSA M Program Spec 2 Health
BROOKS, BEN W Correctional Officer 1 Sheriff