Nashville Employee


WEST, ANGELA J Concessions Clerk 1 Parks
GIBSON, CORY A Fire Fighter/Paramedic Fire
DEAS, FRANCIS A Recreation Leader Parks
MAYES, ERIC DONNELL Fire Fighter 2 Fire
OGLESBY, TERESA W Attorney 3 State Trial Courts
KHAMKEN, MALYNNA T Part Time Worker 3 Parks
BOWERS, MICHAEL E. Engineering Tech 3 Water Services
EDWARDS, SARA L Police Operations Asst 2 Police
TAYLOR, DEIRDRE L. Correctional Officer 2 Sheriff
LUSTER, PATRICIA M Group Care Aide State Trial Courts
SHAHEED, ANWAR R Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary NCAC
WEEKS, SARA E Paramedic 1 Fire
HANE, AMANDA E Police Officer 2 Police
MARTIN, DEBBIE F Treatment Plant Shift Operator Water Services
ASHFORD JR, WALTER P Admin Svcs Mgr Water Services
FITZGERALD, JIMMIE S. Engineering Tech 3 Water Services
BRITTON, JAMES A Info Systems App Tech 1 Police
HIGHSMITH, TERRY E Treatment Plant Mgr Water Services
BRETZ, WILLIAM J Parts Supv General Services
KRAKOWIAK, PHILIP E Librarian 2 Public Library
LIGON, TANUVERNE E. Deputy Clerk & Master II Clerk and Master
JOHNS, WILLIAM B. Police Sergeant Police
WEBB, HENRY Housekeeping-Convention Ctr Convention Center Authority
GALLUP, ERIK M Paramedic 2 Fire
SAMPLE, ERIC B Fire Engineer Fire
BERENS, LAUREN M. Probation Officer 1 General Sessions Court
ROBLES, PEDRO L Police Officer 2 Police
BREWER, MAVIS V Admin Svcs Officer 4 Water Services
RAMOS III, ALEJANDRO T Police Officer 2 Police
HALL, DONALD E. Water Maint Leader 2 Water Services
WICKWARE, TIMIKA E Correctional Officer 2 Sheriff
WOODARD, BRIAN D Police Officer 2 Police
DOWNING, REGINA S Concessions Clerk 1 Parks
SRILOUANGKHOL, SOMSAY Equip Mechanic General Services
NEELY SR, JOHN Police Officer 2 Police
GETACHEW, RUTH Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary NCAC
BANEY, JOSHUA L Police Officer 2 Police
DICKINSON, THOMAS R Concessions Clerk 1 Parks
DEMAY III, DANIEL J Fire Fighter 2 Fire
CRONEY, DANIEL G Equip Servicer General Services
HOLT, CINDY L. Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary State Fair Board
MCCALL, PERRY L Custodian Metro Action Commission
BINKLEY JR, CLAUDE T Maint & Repair Worker 2 Parks
CHANDLER, QUINTON L. Recreation Leader Parks
UPCHURCH, RHONDA R Office Support Rep 3 Health
NG, JANICE J Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary Health
MAUPIN, TYLER G Police Officer 2 Police
MORRIS, CHRISTOPHER R Equip Operator 3 Public Works
CASTILLO-ORNELAS, NADIA Interpreter 1 Health
ROOKER, RICHARD R. Satellite position Circuit Court Satellite
SHANKLAND, MACKENZIE C Admin Svcs Officer 4 District Attorney
BROWN, KAREN J Police Operations Coord 1 Police
ANGELL, CLYDE E. Admin Svcs Officer 3 Fire
THOMPSON, BRIAN A Park Police 2 Parks
WESTERLUND, KELLY J School Crossing Guard Police
DAVIS, LEE D Police Officer 2 Police
ROTHWELL, KIMBERLIN R Police Officer 2 Police
CHESSER, TANYA Y. Correctional Officer Sergeant Sheriff
WIGGINTON, AARON R. Police Officer 2-Fld Trng Ofcr Police
RANDALL, JAMELL A. Police Officer 2-Fld Trng Ofcr Police
DUNNIVANT, STEVEN R Emerg Medical Tech 2 Fire
MAYO, NATHAN D Police Officer 2 Police
FAIMON, TERRY J Admin Spec District Attorney
DRIVER, ANTHONY B Human Resources Analyst 2 Health
GULLATTE, WESLEY D Admin Svcs Mgr Water Services
WOMACK, BRANDON R. Fire Fighter 2 Fire
PENTECOST, KELSEY L B Teacher Asst Metro Action Commission
FORD, DAVY M Appraiser 3 Assessor of Property
SPERLE, LYNNAIRE Police Operations Supv Police
GREGORY, ADREAN E Facility Coord Parks
KNAUF, WALTER C. Special Projects Mgr Public Works
LAWRENCE, MAGGIE O. Fire Marshal-Dpty Fire
MCDANIEL, LARMONZ A. Program Coord Sheriff
THOMPSON, MICHAEL B Equip Operator 3 Public Works
FLOYD, FLORENCE E Office Support Rep 3 Health
LABIB, ASHRAF PF& Comm Engagement Adv II-MAC Metro Action Commission
KERNELL, TIMOTHY M Deputy Criminal Ct Clerk 4 Criminal Court Clerk
COOK, ELIZABETH G Public Health Nurse 2 Health
MCCLARREN, JOSHUA T Paramedic 2 Fire
BODIE, MARCUS P Program Supv Sheriff
TROTTER, DEON L Program Spec 3 Social Services
HANNAH, JERRY W Fire Fighter 2 Fire
THORNTON, VIRGINIA A Recreation Leader Parks
SUMEREL, DESMOND BRYAN Police Officer 2 Police
MORRISON, ANDRE G Probation Officer 2 Juvenile Court
ASHBAUGH, NANCY L Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary Health
OSUNA, MICHAEL S Police Officer 2 Police
LANIUS, TYLER A Maint & Repair Worker 3 Parks
DAVIDSON, JEFFREY S. Correctional Officer 2 Sheriff
KIELEY, DAVID O Asst Pub Defender Public Defender
CRUMBY JR, JOHNNY R. Police Sergeant Police
BOESE, JONATHAN T. Police Sergeant Police
DAVIS, NAVADA S Council Member Metropolitan Council
FINKEY, KRISTINA E Headstart Teacher 2 Metro Action Commission
TROUP JR, WILLIAM C. Parks & Recreation Supt Parks
ESPINOSA, SERGIO A. Police Officer 2 Police
GARMON, FLOYD A. Fire District Chief Fire
CARTER-BELLARD, ALICE S Office Support Rep 3 Health