Nashville Employee


HAISLIP, DEBORAH K. School Crossing Guard Supv Police
ROBINSON, SHANNON L Fire Fighter/Paramedic Fire
GRAY, DONNA M Adm Asst/Sales-MCC Convention Center Authority
WRIGHT, DEIDRA P Headstart Teacher 2 Metro Action Commission
REESE, JAMES R Police Officer 2 Police
HUNTER JR, DARIUS L Seasonal Worker 4 Parks
MARTIN, JAMES R Cust Svc Field Rep 3 Water Services
ASHBURN III, JAMES M. Sheriff Maint Mechanic 2 Sheriff
BRAGG, RACHAEL R Paramedic 2 Fire
JETT, CHARLES G. Judicial Asst 2 General Sessions Court
STADAKER, PORTER ALEXANDER Sheriff Releasing Officer Sheriff
HIBBS, NATHAN R Correctional Officer 2 Sheriff
STANFORD, RYAN A Police Officer 2 Police
THOMAS, CYNTHIA D Deputy Clerk 1 County Clerk
MCGAVOCK, KEVIN Fire Engineer Fire
ROBESON, LESLIE S Human Resources Admin Health
CADWELL, JON S Emer Telecommunications Off 4 Emergency Communication Center
SANDERS, KENNETH W. Fair Director State Fair Board
LADNIER, JOSEPH EARL Technical Specialist 2 Police
SEGAL, MARTHA W Water Svcs Asst Dir Water Services
CARNEY, MATTHEW T Automotive Mechanic General Services
FILLINGHAM, JOSEPH E Set Up Staff-Convention Ctr Convention Center Authority
VAUGHN, JOSHUA B Police Officer 2 Police
MARTIN, KYLE D Seasonal Worker 4 Parks
BROWN, DERIC L Equip Operator 3 Water Services
BLEDSOE JR, JAMES M. Police Officer 2 Police
BIGGS II, GARY W Correctional Officer 2 Sheriff
MARTIN, TERRY D School Crossing Guard Supv Police
NETSCH, TIMOTHY F Special Projects Mgr Parks
CROSS, LYLE W Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary State Fair Board
DAVIS, LEROY A. Equip Operator 3 Public Works
GANN, SYNTHIA L. Custodian 1 Parks
LYONS, BRENDA P Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary State Trial Courts
DARBY, TAWANNA L Sheriff Prisoner Processor 1 Sheriff
HEINZE, RANDY A Police Officer 2 Police
COOK, CARLOS L Program Coord Parks
ECHOLS, KATRINA A. Public Health Nurse 1 Health
WALKER JR, DAVID L. Fire Services Deputy Director Fire
ROSS, VICTORIA K Headstart Teacher 2 Metro Action Commission
UPTON, ROSALYN R School Crossing Guard Police
STONE JR, ROY H. Finance Officer 3 Finance
STERLING, SEAN S Police Officer Trainee Police
STOKELY, ROBERT K Water Maint Leader 2 Water Services
HOLLINGSWORTH, JACQUELINE I Info Systems Mgr Water Services
CAMPBELL, DAVID Health Manager 2 Health
LOPP, LARRY L Emer Telecommunications Off 1 Emergency Communication Center
CLAUNCH, LAUREN M Recreation Leader Parks
COMER, GREGORY C Fire Captain Fire
CLARK, LARRY V Police Operations Asst 1 Police
GLEASON, BRYAN C Finance Admin Finance
CONRADS JR, EDWARD C Police Officer 2 Police
CATO, LEONARD B. Police Officer 2-Fld Trng Ofcr Police
GILMORE, ERICA S Council Member Metropolitan Council
GALLIMORE-SCRUGGS, RACHELLE L. Attorney 2 State Trial Courts
HAYES, NELL M Emer Telecommunications Superv Emergency Communication Center
HAMILTON, MELISSA E Police Officer Trainee Police
WAKEFIELD, MARY B. Extension Agent 3 Agricultural Extension
DOBBINS, BRANDON DEWAYNE Correctional Officer 2 Sheriff
PIERCEALL, JAMES D. Police Sergeant Police
CAVIN III, CULLEN E Engineer 2 Water Services
WALKER, SHELDON K Seasonal/Part-time/Temporary Health
WELCH, ANITA M Sheriff Warrant Officer 1 Sheriff
DEANE, CRYSTAL B Librarian 2 Public Library
HANCOCK, YURI L Human Resources Admin Social Services
RHODES, WESLEY T Planning Tech 2 Planning Commission
HYMER, NORMAN T Firefighter 3 Fire
LINVILLE IV, CHARLES E. Police Officer 2 Police
HARR, JEPTHY R Bldg & Grnds Electrician Parks
POTTER, SCOTT A Water Svcs Dir Water Services
PARTICELLI, HENRY R Police Sergeant Police
ENGLAND, SETH Police Officer 2 Police
SEKORAL JR, STEVEN P Automotive Mechanic General Services
HAILEY III, JOSEPH A. Sheriff Maint Mechanic 2 Sheriff
JOHNSON, DAVID L. Admin Svcs Mgr Police
GASTON, BENNY L Fire Captain Fire
THORNTON, VIRGINIA A Recreation Leader Parks
MATTHEWS, ROBERT S Concessions Clerk 2 Parks
TAYLOR, MICHAEL W Fire Fighter 2 Fire
LEWIS, AMARI D Seasonal Worker 2 Parks
PERRY, RICKY W Sheriff Warrant Officer 2 Sheriff
MARTIN, CHRISTINA E Legal Secretary 1 District Attorney
WALSH, DENISE ANNE Emer Telecommunications Manage Emergency Communication Center
KRIVCHER, STEPHANIE C Probation Officer 2 State Trial Courts
SHADWICK, THOMAS L Paramedic 2 Fire
BATES, CONNIE S Emerg Medical Tech 2 Fire
MILLER, SAMUEL L. Maint & Repair Leader 1 Public Works
ALLMAN, SONIA L. Special Asst To The Dir Water Services
ODOM, YOLANDO D Seasonal Worker 4 Parks
CANTRELL, JOHN P Appraiser 2 Assessor of Property
COE II, CHARLES R. Police Officer 2 Police
COLLAZO, MICHAEL A Police Officer 2 Police
ARRINGTON, WADE D Seasonal Worker 3 Parks
SATISFIELD, ALEJANDRA G Correctional Officer 1 Sheriff
DOOLEY, SHARONDA R Early Childhood Ctr Mgr-MAC Metro Action Commission
MANNINGS, MILDRED J School Crossing Guard Police
MAYNARD, MATTHEW C Fire Fighter 2 Fire
HANSERD, JED Custodian 1 Parks
MACKLIN II, WILLIAM THOMAS Correctional Officer 2 Sheriff