Single Family · Ray Duran · L.A. Real Estate Network Inc.

is a foreclosure property registered with the Housing & Community Investment Department (HCIDLA), Los Angeles. The registered date is 02/06/2015. The lender contact is Teresa Boudreaux, Reverse Mortgage Solutions, 281-404-7870. The property management contact is Ray Duran, L.A. Real Estate Network Inc., 805-732-6596 1200 W Beverly BLVD Montebello CA 90640.

Assessor Parcel Number (APN) 6004013026
Property Type Single Family
Registered Date 02/06/2015
Council District 9
Zip Code 90044
Lender Reverse Mortgage Solutions
Lender Contact Teresa Boudreaux
Lender Contact Phone 281-404-7870
Property Management L.A. Real Estate Network Inc.
Property Management Contact Ray Duran
Property Management Phone 805-732-6596
Property Management Address 1200 W Beverly BLVD Montebello CA 90640