Single Family · Connie Renteria · Connie Renteria / Five Brothers

is a foreclosure property registered with the Housing & Community Investment Department (HCIDLA), Los Angeles. The registered date is 01/29/2015. The lender contact is Patrick Bradfield, US Bank Home Mortgages, 651-312-2411. The property management contact is Connie Renteria, Connie Renteria / Five Brothers, 626-453-0397 5228 Halifax RD Temple City CA 91780.

Assessor Parcel Number (APN) 2532021021
Property Type Single Family
Registered Date 01/29/2015
Council District 7
Zip Code 91331
Lender US Bank Home Mortgages
Lender Contact Patrick Bradfield
Lender Contact Phone 651-312-2411
Property Management Connie Renteria / Five Brothers
Property Management Contact Connie Renteria
Property Management Phone 626-453-0397
Property Management Address 5228 Halifax RD Temple City CA 91780