Xie Jing
6736 Donside Ct, Enterprise, NV 89139

XIE JING is business licensed by the City of Las Vegas, Nevada. The license number is M12-01323. The license type is General License. The license category is M12. The business address is 6736 Donside Ct, Enterprise, NV 89139.

Xie Jing

License Number M12-01323
Business Name XIE JING
Business Address 6736 Donside Ct
Enterprise, NV 89139
Mail Address 6736 DONSIDE CT
Las Vegas NV 89139
License Type General License
Category M12
Category Description Independent Massage Therapist
Original Issue Date 02/28/2006
License Status OutOfBus
Inside or Outside City of Las Vegas Outside
NAICS 621399

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