HOMESTEAD · Florida Corporation

Homestead · Florida Corporation

State ID Entity Name Address
P11000087848 V I P Trading Inc 3107 Ne 4th St, Homestead, FL 33033
P96000098393 312th Street Medical Plaza, Inc. 235 Campbell Dr, Homestead, FL 33030
P17000000977 Xoy International Investments Inc. 11332 Sw 239th St, Homestead, FL 33032
P07000082451 P.u.b Investors Inc. 1915 Se 17th St, Homestead, FL 33035
P07000022611 Zip Usa Import and Export Inc. 27542 Sw 139th Pl, Homestead, FL 33032
P09000076760 C H Soni Corporation 18850 Sw 360th St, Homestead, FL 33034
P15000098015 Forest View Services Inc. 18921 Sw 310th St, Homestead, FL 33030
P94000042725 Ice Tees, Inc. 250 Nw 12th St, Homestead, FL 33034
N09000002943 Xlj Ministries, Inc 26940 Sw 144th Ave, Homestead, FL 33032
P07000115778 Zion Luxury Car Rental Inc 940 Ne 34th Ave, Homestead, FL 33033
764229 Fellowship of Excitement Television Ministry, In 240 N Krome Ave, Homestead, FL 33030
660091 Quality Growers, Inc. 18455 Sw 284th St, Homestead, FL 33030
P01000087159 Quick Constructions Corp. 28085 Sw 143rd Ct, Homestead, FL 33033
P08000031990 3s Construction, Inc 28300 Sw 167th Ave, Homestead, FL 33030
P15000043000 E Children Health Corp. 13035 Sw 258th Ter, Homestead, FL 33032
L15000150505 Quality Research & Medical Center LLC 38 Nw 5th St, Homestead, FL 33030
L83646 Richard S. Glosser, M.d., P.a. 941 N Krome Ave, Homestead, FL 33030
L01000015662 Hamilton Investments, LLC 4155 E Mowry Dr, Homestead, FL 33033
P13000037702 Shadehouses By C.h.g Inc 18940 Sw 240th St, Homestead, FL 33031
H63536 Easy Foods Corporation 31501 Sw 197th Ave, Homestead, FL 33030
P13000020154 Ocampo & Son Remodeling, Inc 14953 Sw 302nd Ter, Homestead, FL 33033
L14000058414 Qru Investments LLC 13500 Sw 250th St, Homestead, FL 33032
P13000023347 Xpedited Freight Solutions, Inc. 1535 Ne 36th Ave, Homestead, FL 33033
P11000075796 Easy Tropical Fruit Inc 19125 Sw 316th St, Homestead, FL 33030
L15000130045 Jimenez Lopez LLC 17300 Sw 292nd St, Homestead, FL 33030
P16000020863 J & K Security Services Plus Inc. 12758 Sw 266th Ter, Homestead, FL 33032
P03000025223 Bgs Incorporated 831 Nw 9th Ct, Homestead, FL 33030
P03000019755 Quick Connection Wireless Corporation 130 N Homestead Blvd, Homestead, FL 33030
P98000101166 Betty's Creation Corp. 13861 Sw 285th Ter, Homestead, FL 33033
N10000000524 Tr's for Wildlife & Wilderness Conservation, Inc 815 N Homestead Blvd, Homestead, FL 33030
P10000004885 Flight Tech Worldwide Corp. 1799 Nw 20th St, Homestead, FL 33030
P12000042838 Fence Express Corp 17475 Sw 272nd St, Homestead, FL 33031
P05000117627 Pink Poodle, Inc. 815 N Homestead Blvd, Homestead, FL 33030
P16000037346 Fons Iuvenis, Corp. 3790 Alex Muxo Blvd, Homestead, FL 33035
P06000143714 X-treme Kitchen Service, Inc. 14352 Sw 289th Ter, Homestead, FL 33033
P10000092662 Hhh 25475 Building, Inc. 25475 Sw 142nd Ave, Homestead, FL 33032
P10000060852 Castsant Services,inc. 4140 Ne 9th St, Homestead, FL 33033
P16000033834 C&g Monzon, Corp 605 E Palm Dr, Homestead, FL 33034
L16000121400 D&t Restoration LLC 1038 Ne 35th Ave, Homestead, FL 33033
P06000146617 Aiko Partners Incorporated 11319 Sw 238th St, Homestead, FL 33032
L16000045619 Yellow Star Daycare & Learning Center # 1 L.l.c. 1507 Sw 2nd Ct, Homestead, FL 33030
P02000023933 Rubio's Produce Corporation 31293 Sw 136th Ave, Homestead, FL 33033
P08000001086 Quality Alf Corp. 19421 Sw 307th St, Homestead, FL 33030
P12000035239 Zacsky Logistics, Inc 24900 Sw 197th Ave, Homestead, FL 33031
L13000031402 14364 Sw 283 St., LLC 18901 Sw 359th St, Homestead, FL 33034
L16000104467 Msv Star Enterprise, LLC 2319 Se 24th Ave, Homestead, FL 33035
P06000142244 Lucy Cyberspot Corp 3202 San Remo Cir, Homestead, FL 33035
P00000030189 G-2 Connections, Inc. 2815 Se 4th Pl, Homestead, FL 33033
P14000046497 Angely Total Care Corporation 15300 Sw 284th St, Homestead, FL 33033
P05000111847 Quality Mold Contractors Corp. 826 E Mowry Dr, Homestead, FL 33030
P97000049803 Braymar, Inc. 16551 Sw 299th St, Homestead, FL 33033
P06000086762 Brave Logistics, Inc. 1764 Sandpiper Blvd, Homestead, FL 33035
P13000040509 Found Land Company 25392 Sw 132nd Ave, Homestead, FL 33032
P07000087209 Aarc Restoration, Inc. 1305 Nw 2nd St, Homestead, FL 33030
P15000063176 Zubi Trucking Corp. 26205 Nw 144th Ave, Homestead, FL 33032
P14000008886 M&l Professional Installation Services, Inc. 15460 Sw 284th St, Homestead, FL 33033
513608 A.a.m. Enterprises, Inc., #3 23635 S Dixie Hwy, Homestead, FL 33032
P93000011540 Castleton Foliage, Inc. 18850 Sw 240th St, Homestead, FL 33031
L16000173999 E & A Bus Services LLC 30311 Sw 161st Ct, Homestead, FL 33033
M31234 Team Building Systems Corporation 16201 Sw 95th Ave, Homestead, FL 33090
P98000034733 Oscar Roberts Auto Service, Inc. 20260 Sw 316th St, Homestead, FL 33030
L11000001801 Natural World Landscaping LLC 2611 Ne 42nd Ave, Homestead, FL 33033
456401 H and M Transport,inc. 26000 S Dixie Hwy, Homestead, FL 33032
P15000056990 Queen Bling Inc 580 Ne 21st Ave, Homestead, FL 33033
P10000071533 Blake Family Customer Service Work Inc 2527 Se 14th Ave, Homestead, FL 33035
P92000012316 B.h.a.s. Drywall, Inc. 1161 Nw 10th St, Homestead, FL 33030
P11000024417 O2 Dive Pro, Corp. 28400 S Dixie Hwy, Homestead, FL 33033
P06000150477 Sarabanda Painting Corp. 25979 Sw 132nd Pl, Homestead, FL 33032
S41233 Laramie, Inc. 524 Nw 19th St, Homestead, FL 33030
P12000070488 Zln Group Corp 849 Nw 14th Ave, Homestead, FL 33030
L16000225003 Waktal Creations LLC 3020 Ne 41st Ter, Homestead, FL 33033
P96000005954 T.s.k., Inc. 1000 N Flagler Ave, Homestead, FL 33030
P00000099100 Hawkins & Associates, Inc. 13428 Sw 282nd St, Homestead, FL 33033
P06000147451 Miyagi Corp. 600 Ne 22nd Ter, Homestead, FL 33033
740051 Quail Roost Baptist Church, Inc. 234 N Krome Ave, Homestead, FL 33030
P11000009787 Mje Logistics Corp 23734 Sw 108th Ct, Homestead, FL 33032
F75808 J.j.p. Enterprises, Inc. 18860 Sw 352nd St, Homestead, FL 33034
P15000047065 Premium A-1 Drywall Inc 15025 Sw 303rd St, Homestead, FL 33033
L16000195959 J & W Collectors, LLC 20965 Sw 236th St, Homestead, FL 33031
P10000007810 Zeelandia Investment & Realty Inc. 12239 Sw 250th St, Homestead, FL 33032
P97000022934 Postal Waterways, Inc. 26860 Sw 132nd Ave, Homestead, FL 33033
L08000083138 Hometown Arise LLC 1641 Nw 15th Ave, Homestead, FL 33030
L11000094746 V.d.s., LLC 250 S Krome Ave, Homestead, FL 33030
L13000177947 Realtime Stenography Solutions, LLC 959 Ne 37th Ave, Homestead, FL 33033
K23421 Vic Ramos Photography, Inc. 313 N Krome Ave, Homestead, FL 33030
P09000060987 Quality Carpet & Upholstery Care, Inc 12967 Sw 248th Ter, Homestead, FL 33032
L13000073041 Zorroant Homebuyers LLC 13020 Sw 285th Ter, Homestead, FL 33033
380877 Rae Tech Biodynamics, Inc. 342 Washington Ave, Homestead, FL 33030
L05000088511 Hamilton Rentals, LLC 30125 S Dixie Hwy, Homestead, FL 33033
P07000127518 1st Quality Home Inspections Inc 24330 Sw 140th Ave, Homestead, FL 33032
P03000102548 Marlene S. Irene & Son's Inc. 28501 Sw 152nd Ave, Homestead, FL 33033
P11000080022 C & S Hand Car Wash and Detailing Services, Inc 11843 Sw 272nd Ter, Homestead, FL 33032
P96000091842 E. A. Aviation Surveyors, Inc. 2617 Se 21st Ct, Homestead, FL 33035
L06000109614 Xclusive LLC 11334 Sw 243rd Ter, Homestead, FL 33032
K07397 Vergho's Development Company, Inc. 900 Ne 10th St, Homestead, FL 33030
P02000050278 Andy's Son Jerk Center, Inc. 16275 Sw 303rd St, Homestead, FL 33033
P04000152197 Raymundo's Incorporated 225 Sw 4th St, Homestead, FL 33030
L02000027814 Conley Clan, LLC 26603 Sw 173rd Pl, Homestead, FL 33031
P97000080160 R and T Petroleum #103, Inc. 26700 S Dixie Hwy, Homestead, FL 33032
P93000066919 Hawker Enterprises, Inc. 225 Sw 2nd Ave, Homestead, FL 33030