HOLLYWOOD · Florida Corporation

Hollywood · Florida Corporation

State ID Entity Name Address
M16000006261 Sdx Properties LLC 3389 Sheridan St, Hollywood, FL 33021
P92000011220 Pollak Leathers, Inc. 4001 S Ocean Dr, Hollywood, FL 33019
P01000037295 D.w. Hair Creations, Incorporated 10814 Pines Blvd, Hollywood, FL 33026
L09000067512 Smolley Food and Drink LLC 5000 N 36th Ct, Hollywood, FL 33021
P03000104903 Zaid Rahman, Inc. 3416 Bahama Dr, Hollywood, FL 33023
P08000080809 Langlands Distribution Corporation 1152 N University Dr, Hollywood, FL 33024
L14000072323 Xmlelite LLC 4302 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, FL 33021
P07000083932 1st American Movers Inc 2019 Lee St, Hollywood, FL 33020
P08000091056 Onyx Events, Incorporated 10211 Pines Blvd, Hollywood, FL 33026
P97000085832 Natural Therapist Consultant Inc. 6401 Garfield St, Hollywood, FL 33024
696770 C. & A. Subs, Inc. 9367 Nw 23rd St, Hollywood, FL 33024
N11000008269 Premiere Eglise Apocalypse De La Restoration-first Revelation Church of Restoration Inc 1982 Nw 169th Ave, Hollywood, FL 33028
P02000081249 Mje Consulting, Inc. 6581 Hayes St, Hollywood, FL 33024
P97000094658 Smooth Running Enterprises, Inc. 8690 Nw 3rd St, Hollywood, FL 33024
P99000098883 Dinermen, Inc. 2150 N University Dr, Hollywood, FL 33024
P96000103587 Y and T Investments Corporation 11685 Kerry Dr, Hollywood, FL 33026
P09000090771 Heather Harries Medical Device Consulting, Inc. 310 Sw 190th Ave, Hollywood, FL 33029
N06000012776 Landshore Business Condominium Association, Inc. 3300 N 29th Ave, Hollywood, FL 33020
L13000117914 Park Pizza LLC 1200 S Federal Hwy, Hollywood, FL 33020
M17548 Jane Olsen Tasciotti, Artist/illustrator, Inc. 11901 Nw 21st St, Hollywood, FL 33026
L16000191182 I Am Her She Is Me Boutique LLC 2632 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, FL 33020
P04000124044 Pembroke Distributors, Inc. 3912 Pembroke Rd, Hollywood, FL 33021
P10000090200 Quality Healthcare Solutions Corp. 15689 Sw 54th Ct, Hollywood, FL 33027
P04000073521 J C Welding, Inc 7400 Stirling Rd, Hollywood, FL 33024
P98000046275 Yale Properties International II, Inc. 3801 N 41st Ave, Hollywood, FL 33021
N06000003267 Park Side Civic Association, Inc. 2018 Fletcher St, Hollywood, FL 33020
L16000002250 Cardozo Law Firm, Pllc 3440 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, FL 33021
V28194 O. Mon Orthopedics Inc. 3801 Sw 126th Ave, Hollywood, FL 33027
F83379 L. & E. Sales, Inc. 12012 Flicker Way, Hollywood, FL 33026
P97000022032 Jim Tamburo Graphics, Inc. 1243 Nw 124th Ave, Hollywood, FL 33026
P13000033180 Help Me Please Auto Services Inc 640 N Dixie Hwy, Hollywood, FL 33020
L07000004418 Oak Hammock 18, LLC 1135 Hatteras Ln, Hollywood, FL 33019
H80785 3 - D Construction Co., Inc. 2340 Nw 66th Ter, Hollywood, FL 33024
S51827 Classic Appraisal Services, Inc. 2215 N 44th Ave, Hollywood, FL 33021
P99000007648 T-n-t Consulting, Inc. 1001 Sw 96th Ave, Hollywood, FL 33025
P05000066892 I&c Real Estate Investment Properties Inc. 2072 Sw 176th Ave, Hollywood, FL 33029
L04000073335 Dania Apts, LLC 629 S State Road 7, Hollywood, FL 33023
P04000125018 K & M Home Delivery, Inc 7969 Tropicana St, Hollywood, FL 33023
G21350 L & C Importing Corp. 3661 N 52nd Ave, Hollywood, FL 33021
P05000057936 Vantage Integration, Inc. 2114 N Flamingo Rd, Hollywood, FL 33028
P02000096558 Pain Management Group of S. Florida, Inc. 6100 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, FL 33024
L16000021140 Park Shore Pharmacy, LLC 1001 S Northlake Dr, Hollywood, FL 33019
368979 E.a.p.-israel, Inc. 4620 Jefferson St, Hollywood, FL 33021
L15000051172 C & A Quality Services LLC 3121 Nw 78th Ave, Hollywood, FL 33024
V09044 Icart Video Production Inc. 1992 1825 Mckinley St, Hollywood, FL 33020
853619 All Business Systems, Incorporated 641 Sw 69th Ter, Hollywood, FL 33023
G26444 Shades of Yogurt Aventura, Inc. 5401 Jackson St, Hollywood, FL 33021
G80949 Palmer Enterprises Inc. 2110 N 51st Ave, Hollywood, FL 33021
P95000051856 Lloyd Helicopters, Inc. Po Box 260879, Hollywood, FL 33026
695722 C & H Cafeteria, Inc. 1936 Thomas St, Hollywood, FL 33020
P10000042192 Bozanic Law, P.a. 2847 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, FL 33020
P00000008194 Unique Finds & Delivery, Inc. 1330 Nw 154th Ln, Hollywood, FL 33028
L13000050457 Icb Air Conditioning & Appliances, LLC 8529 Sheraton Dr, Hollywood, FL 33025
P09000074749 Zorro Trucking, Inc 8850 Nw 5th St, Hollywood, FL 33024
P10000025750 Helping Hands Investment Corp. 1825 Sw 153rd Ave, Hollywood, FL 33027
P00000103351 Ronald Yammine & William R. Ochray Security Serv 14521 Sw 33rd Ct, Hollywood, FL 33027
P08000103289 Lrp Therapy Services, Inc. 2826 Van Buren St, Hollywood, FL 33020
P08000083813 519 Management Corp 2223 Pembroke Rd, Hollywood, FL 33020
P00000033197 From Contract To Closing, Inc. 340 Sw 181st Way, Hollywood, FL 33029
L06000039094 J & A Investments, LLC 13184 Sw 29th St, Hollywood, FL 33027
P16000100797 Bp International Services Corp 3600 N 56th Ave, Hollywood, FL 33021
P05000003962 Law Office of Ibrahim and Rupelli, P.a. Po Box 813631, Hollywood, FL 33081
L13000057776 Kaira Y Palma LLC 2229 Sheridan St, Hollywood, FL 33020
P95000006859 Natural Source Health Products, Inc. 790 S Park Rd, Hollywood, FL 33021
K59251 Willford Airphoto, Inc. 2117 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, FL 33020
N41202 Southeastern Chapter, 88th Infantry Division Association, Inc. G204 1200 S W 130th Ave, Hollywood, FL 33027
L13000025723 Zatia Group LLC 214 S 57th Ave, Hollywood, FL 33023
P06000136369 Vale Cleaning Service Corp. 4001 S Ocean Dr, Hollywood, FL 33019
P95000009226 Vallejo's Waxing Service Inc. 2611 N Hiatus Rd, Hollywood, FL 33026
L12000032734 C and C Mortgage Services, LLC 5612 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, FL 33021
L06000043142 Zodiac Insurance Agency, LLC 2750 N 29th Ave, Hollywood, FL 33020
P09000078862 Painting & Design By Sagastume, Inc. 4700 Sw 160th Ave, Hollywood, FL 33027
L10000038265 Vip Boost Mobile Hollywood Fl 1, LLC 5936 Sheridan St, Hollywood, FL 33021
K87649 C & J Installations, Inc. 601 S Ocean Dr, Hollywood, FL 33019
P06000033426 Real Homes Property Management, Inc. 11020 Pembroke Rd, Hollywood, FL 33025
P07000132218 Taha & Mahek Enterprises Inc. 3288 Stirling Rd, Hollywood, FL 33021
P12000017377 Quintana Drywall, Inc. 2328 Jackson St, Hollywood, FL 33020
640444 Pollifrone Enterprise Development Corporation 7335 Davie Road Ext, Hollywood, FL 33024
P04000015344 Boyz of Hollywood Inc. 4441 Casper Ct, Hollywood, FL 33021
L15000001444 Oak Rentals LLC 1930 Tyler St, Hollywood, FL 33020
P02000034257 Classic Budget Entertainment, Inc. 17465 Sw 31st Ct, Hollywood, FL 33029
P06000030702 William Lopez P.a. 746 Sw 107th Ave, Hollywood, FL 33025
L14000006784 O & G Brothers, LLC 1913 Harding St, Hollywood, FL 33020
P95000074851 Quality Eye Care, Inc. 2740 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, FL 33020
P10000083646 Rent Tree Florida Corp 2469 Centergate Dr, Hollywood, FL 33025
L10000048828 Occasions of Hollywood,llc 1617 S 21st Ave, Hollywood, FL 33020
P09000099243 Yosef & Sons, Corp. 4716 Sheridan St, Hollywood, FL 33021
P04000013460 Sydney Ethridge Corporation 4405 Sw 160th Ave, Hollywood, FL 33027
L11000129729 Artner Seeks LLC 3725 S Ocean Dr, Hollywood, FL 33019
P05000074744 Q5, Corp. 11300 Sheridan St, Hollywood, FL 33026
P00000036231 O Too Cool Air Conditioning and Air Trix, Inc. 6881 Cody St, Hollywood, FL 33024
P10000023572 E-capital Access Corporation 3000 S Ocean Dr, Hollywood, FL 33019
P07000011095 Brazil Tropical Mart, Inc. 1411 N Palm Ave, Hollywood, FL 33026
A26727 17th Street Limited Partnership 1946 Tyler St, Hollywood, FL 33020
N15000010479 2 Nations Meat Inc. 1840 Monroe St, Hollywood, FL 33020
G77557 Frank's Painting Co., Inc. 2041 N 57th Ter, Hollywood, FL 33021
P97000082406 Brumberg Consulting, Inc. 3440 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, FL 33021
P98000019294 P.s.g. Broward Auto Repair, Inc. 5759 Funston St, Hollywood, FL 33023
L08000009583 Record Room Studios, LLC 14359 Miramar Pkwy, Hollywood, FL 33027
L11000078222 Improva LLC 4000 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, FL 33021