1631 Winona LLC
[redacted for Privacy], Chicago, IL 60640

1631 WINONA LLC (doing business as 1631 WINONA LLC) is business licensed by the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection in the City of Chicago. The license number is 2209341. The license code is 4404 - Regulated Business License. The address is [redacted for Privacy], Chicago, IL 60640. The zip code is 60640.

1631 WINONA LLC · [redacted for Privacy], Chicago, IL 60640

License Number 2209341
Legal Name 1631 WINONA LLC
Doing Business As Name 1631 WINONA LLC
Account Number 360360
License ID 2395623
License Code 4404 - Regulated Business License
IL 60640
Ward Precinct 40-30
Police District 20
Business Activity ID 854
Business Activity Vacation Rental, Approved Prior to House Share Ordinance
Application Type RENEW
Application Requirements Complete 04/15/2015
Payment Date 06/14/2015
Conditional Approval N
License Term Start Date 06/16/2015
License Term Expiration Date 06/15/2017
License Approved For Issuance 06/14/2015
Date Issued 06/15/2015
License Status AAI

Owners · 1631 WINONA LLC

Managing Member Paul R Harty