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New York State Corporation

This dataset includes 2.4m business entities registered with the New York State Department of State. Each business entity is registered with id, entity name, type, filling date, county incorporated, jurisdiction, location, etc.

City Corporations
1. New York New York 491184 21.29%
2. Brooklyn New York 297865 12.91%
3. Albany New York 80013 3.47%
4. Bronx New York 62046 2.69%
5. Staten Island New York 38090 1.65%
6. Flushing New York 33022 1.43%
7. Rochester New York 28188 1.22%
8. Buffalo New York 23308 1.01%
9. Great Neck New York 18032 0.78%
10. White Plains New York 16764 0.73%

Colorado State Business

This dataset includes 1.5m business entities registered with the Colorado Secretary of State. Each business entity is registered with business entity id, name, principal address, owner, status, type, creation date, etc.

City State Businesses
1. Denver CO 114185 14.81%
2. Colorado Springs CO 48640 6.31%
3. Boulder CO 28329 3.67%
4. Aurora CO 28188 3.66%
5. Fort Collins CO 22522 2.92%
6. Littleton CO 22120 2.87%
7. Lakewood CO 16369 2.12%
8. Centennial CO 15290 1.98%
9. Englewood CO 13003 1.69%
10. Longmont CO 12680 1.64%

New York State Corporation

This database includes 2.34m corporations filed with New York State Department of State (NYSDOS). Find corporations in New York, Brooklyn, Albany, Bronx, Staten Island, Flushing, Rochester, Buffalo, Great Neck, White Plains, Astoria, Yonkers, Jamaica, Syracuse, Long Island, Garden City, Forest Hills.

Washington State Corporation

This database includes 1.04m corporations filed with the Corporation Division of Washington Secretary of State. Find corporations in Seattle, Olympia, Bellevue, Spokane, Vancouver, Tumwater, Tacoma, Bellingham, Kirkland, Everett, Kent, Redmond, Renton, Yakima, Puyallup, Lynnwood, Bothell.

Chicago Business

This dataset includes 64k business licenses issued by Chicago's Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (BACP). Find businesses of type Retail Food, Regulated Business, Consumption on Premises, Tobacco, Peddler, Motor Vehicle Services; with zip code 60611, 60618, 60614, 60647, 60639.

Los Angeles City Business

This dataset contains 509k businesses registered with the Office of Finance of the City of Los Angeles. Find businesses of type Lessors of real estate, Independent artists, Management consulting services, Janitorial services, Motion picture & video industries, Legal services, Full-service restaurants.